New Perspective: DC-645

Digital printers New Perspective own four Duplo DC-645 Cutter/Creasers making them the biggest UK user of Duplo’s flagship digital finishing product, they claim the product is the “best available on the market today” and has formed “the backbone” of their business . . .

IKON Document Services: Digital System 5000PRO

Duplo’s new Digital System 5000PRO Bookletmaker helps IKON Document Services improve staff productivity, improve client satisfaction, and increase turnover.

Funky Pigeon: Ultra 205A

In the increasingly competitive online personalised greetings card market, Spilt Ink Studio knew they had to differentiate themselves. Did they decide just to introduce new types of cards with new designs? No, they decided to enhance their card products by “bringing them to life” with the help of Duplo’s new Ultra 205A UV coater, with the assistance of a very Funky Pigeon.

Bookbinders of London: DPB-500PUR

Like every successful organisation it is the ones most adaptable to change that prosper.However, for a London bookbinder with a history spanning back to Victorian times, you would think the challenge of change would be difficult. Apparently not says Ian Bailey,Owner of Bookbinders of London Ltd, who have used Duplo’s feature-rich PUR perfect binder to reach the ‘next level’ in their growth.

Graphic SRL: Ultra 205A, DPB-500PUR, DC-645IFS

Graphic srl improve their productivity & turnaround times with Duplo machinery …
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