As a mid to high volume digital printer, you need a cutter creaser that is versatile and built to withstand the rigours of the daily workload. The Duplo DC-646i is exactly that machine. With its powerful, heavy-duty build, high quality, motorised tooling, efficient dynamics and the innovation running through its design, the DC-646i is made to meet today's and tomorrow's demands.
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30 Sheets/Minute 110gsm - 350gsm (W)120 x (L)210mm (W)370 x (L)999.9mm (W)48 x (L)28mm Yes Yes Yes Yes
DC-646i Barcode Auto Setup

Automated Precision


Quick set up from barcodes and registration marks is possible through a single CCD camera. Automated job changeover with no manual re-tooling required means there will be no image drift, with sheets processed in perfect registration.
DC-646i PDF Template Export

Share the Cutter Guides - Easily

Export the Job Template

Enjoy seamless co-operation between your pre-press and finishing departments, as cutter guides for new jobs can be easily exported as PDF templates to help set artwork up. The Duplo DC-646i also has an interactive catalogue of pre-programmed jobs, some common, some more complex, all quickly and simply exported as PDF templates.
DC-646i Simple User Interface

Simple Job Management

User Friendly PC Controller

New jobs can be quickly set up or small alterations made to existing templates through the DC-646i’s PC Controller software. It holds an unlimited number of jobs for quick recall, and to avoid accidental overwriting, individual jobs can be locked.

Finishing process

Dc-646i Schematic


DC-646 Rotary Tool Module DC-646 Rotary Tool Module

Add dynamism to finishing, with easy switching between combinations of scoring, perforating, micro-perforating and slit-scoring, as well as non-continuous strikes and skip perforations.

DC-646 Cross Tool Module DC-646 Cross Tool Module

Provides flexibility in perforating, being able to switch between perforation, micro-perforation and slit-score, as well the ability to create a variable cross-perf along the sheet.

Integrated Folding Solution Integrated Folding Solution

Placed in-line with the DC-646i, this automatically folds sheets that have been cut, creased and perforated, applying one of six common fold patterns, before stacking 

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