Boasting a huge range of cutting, creasing and perforating options, the Duplo DC-746 Cutter Creaser is a highly versatile system that is also fast and precise in its automatic set-up and job changeover, making sure you are never left waiting on finishing. Software included adds barcode and image recognition marks to PDF job templates at the touch of a button.
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50 Sheets/Minute 110gsm - 350gsm (W)120 x (L)210mm (W)370 x (L)999.9mm (W)48 x (L)28mm Yes Yes Yes Yes
DC-746 Barcode Automated Setup

Fully Automated Set-up


Changeovers between jobs can take less than 20 seconds, using the integrated CCD camera to read job parameters from the sheet and initiate automated positioning of tooling. Not only is it fast, it's also simple to operate and suitable for unattended running.
DC-746 Simple User Interface

Simple Job Management

User Friendly PC Controller

Setting up jobs quickly with the right finishing information is the first benefit that Duplo JobCreator software brings. Through the PC Controller, job details can also be recalled for quick set-up and PDF job templates can be shared around the factory quickly and easily.
DC-746 Highly Versatile Applications

Versatile Design

Flexible Modules

Even greater versatility comes by way of three optional tooling modules that can be easily slotted into the Duplo DC-746. You will be able to handle a wider range of jobs through the DC-746 instead of needing additional finishing equipment or having to compromise on creative design.

Finishing process

DC-746 Schematic


Rotary Tool Module for the DC- 746 Rotary Tool Module for the DC- 746

Add dynamism to finishing, with easy switching between combinations of scoring, perforating, micro-perforating and slit-scoring, as well as non-continuous strikes and skip perforations.

Cross Tool Module for the DC-7 46 Cross Tool Module for the DC-7 46

Provides flexibility in perforating, being able to switch between perforation, micro-perforation and slit-score, as well the ability to create a variable cross-perf along the sheet.

Optional Slitter Module for th e DC-746 Optional Slitter Module for th e DC-746

Increase the number of slits you can make in a single pass to ten, by adding optional slitter modules to those provided as standard.

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