Ultimate Impostrip

Finishing automation starts with imposition. Ultimate's Impostrip Pro software solution removes manual touchpoints, reduces bottlenecks throughout the workflow, and enables a print provider to handle post-press automation together with pre-press, thus achieving a greater lever of efficiency. Currently available for integration with our Duplo multifinishing equipment.

With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, Ultimate Impostrip® is designed with productivity in mind. Easy-to-use yet extremely versatile, automate the creation of complex impositions to resolve growing bottlenecks due to increasing number of short runs. 



Ultimate inpostrip


Ultimate inpostrip


DC 618


dc 646i

DC-646i angle infeed PC (Low Res)_aw_01_blue.jpg

Features and Benefits

Easy to use
Reduces the need of specialist operators on your finishing device
Consistent high quality
Remove manual touchpoints
Reduce waste


Available for all of DC-range solutions