6 things you didn't know about the DC 616

6 Things You Didn't Know About DC-616

As Duplo promotes the DC-616 this summer, in the hope that you can relax as it does the work for you, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about it, here’s 6 things that you didn’t know about the DC-616!

1. As soon as the sheet is picked up its checking everything’s perfect!

With ultrasonic double feed detection, you’ll never send through 2 sheets through the machine. The ultrasonic sensor is impervious to ink colour, paper colour and paper density, meaning that all printed sheets, even if they’re a very dark colour, will be checked.

2. You’ll never experience inconsistent print

Print isn’t always perfect, and image shrinkage can create problems with consistency on a job as humidity increases or decreases the size of the image on the sheet. Fortunately, with shrinkage compensation applied, the DC-616 can subtly modify the size of the sheet by as little as 0.01% to ensure you’re finished job is perfect!

3. Effortlessly keep everything aligned

Sometimes an image can be very subtly slanted on a sheet, with image skew compensation, the image can be then straightened out again. Effortlessly, your job will come out flawlessly straight every time!

4. Automatically run multiple jobs in one print pile

The DC-616 PRO is fitted as standard with a CCD camera, which reads barcodes from printed sheets, ensuring perfect registration. The information found in the barcode positions the modules, so you only have to set up a job once. Barcodes can be set to read every sheet, never, or for a certain run length, meaning that you can have multiple jobs in one print pile, and the DC-616 will notice and adjust for each job if necessary.

5. Complete the job in one pass

The DC-616 can slit, cut, crease and perforate in one pass, making it truly versatile. This multi functionality means that the number of processes are significantly reduced in jobs that were previously complex.

6. Unlimited automation - never create the same job twice

With the PC controller found on the DC-616 Pro, you can have an unlimited amount of jobs saved, that means you can create a job and keep it on file until the next time you need it. Combined with the automatic barcode recall, you will never need to create the same job twice.

As part of our summer promotions we will be giving away a free Pro Kit upgrade to everyone that buys a DC 616 in June. Click here to enquire about this and our other summer promotions.

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