Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Maker

Gain a whole new booklet-making experience with possibilities such as A4 landscape, multi-sheet size book, long cover or six- page cover book with the Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Maker.Giving you all the successful components of the Duplo iSaddle 2, but with more ability the advanced iSaddle is the most versatile, agile and intelligent saddle stitcher on the market today. The iSaddle X features increased versatility across format sizes and integrated barcode readers for complete data integrity.

Features and Benefits

Automatic set up
Personalised and variable pagination book production
Intelligent feeding
Flatter books
User-friendly PC controller
Document verification
Extremely fast job change over
Innovative output - create up to 6 different size sheets in one booklet


Max finished booklet Size: 356 x 305 mm
Min finished booklet Size: 120 x 7 5mm
Max thickness: 3 mm/30 sheets
Saddle stitch
Foredge trim
Head/Foot trim option
Gutter trim option
Look stitch option
4 head stitch option
Kicker option
4 collators maximum - intelligent feeding - ultrasonic detector option
Maximum speed: 5000 booklets per hour
Full barcode option feed/exit
Multi-sized booklet option - up to 6 different size sheets per booklet

iSaddle testimonial
Our current iSaddle is used to producing very high quality, highly personalised booklets for different customers - we’ve seen an increase in demand for this exact product. The growth of our personalised membership and policy booklet jobs was the reason why we chose another iSaddle PRO and it meets this requirement perfectly. It’s a robust and a really high-quality booklet maker packed with automation – the in-line barcode scanning is a major selling point for us as it can read every single page, sort and collate variable pages in books and verify on the fly. The bespoke booklets for memberships, policies and contracts sometimes need a lot of personalisation, some with variable pagination and the iSaddle handles everything excellently with its PC control unit.
We’ve continued to invest in our future capacities, and we’re driving growth in this field – we’ve seen where we want to head, with additional capacity and technology, but we need to maintain the balance between that, and bringing a greater service to our customers. Our investment in innovative solutions such as the iSaddle allows customers to get quick access to high-quality printed materials, from leaflets and brochures to secure printing. Creating personalised and customised marketing materials, for short run prints or high-volume campaigns.
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Mike Hughes - Marketing Director at Latcham Direct - November 2019
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Product Ranges

Duplo iSaddle X PRO Duetto System

Take a step up and combine the intelligent and versatile Duplo iSaddleX Pro Duetto with the Duplo DSC-10/60i Collator Tower and the deep pile Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder. You get high quality, variable data booklets, integrated into a saddle stitcher that combines high levels of automation with the capability to produce traditional flat publications.

iSaddle xpro Duetto System

Duplo iSaddle X System

Enjoy the automated features of a modern saddle stitcher combined with the ability to produce flat publications just like traditional machines: the Duplo iSaddle X System. Experience unlimited application possibilities such as A4 landscape, multi-sheet size book, long cover or six page cover book, that will improve profitability and help your business scale.

iSaddle system machine image

Duplo iSaddle X digital system

You can add power and versatility to the Duplo iSaddle X with the Duplo DSF-2200 sheet feeder. The Duplo iSaddle X Digital System gives you the automation of a modern saddle stitcher, with traditional machines' ability to produce flat publications. This future-proofed investment opens up new possibilities that will increase business opportunities.

Digital isaddle machine image

Duplo iSaddle X Duetto System

For a highly-automated saddle stitcher with the capability to produce flat publications, combine the intelligence and versatility of the Duplo iSaddle X PRO Duetto -- perfect for producing high quality, variable data booklets out of pre-collated digital and offset sheets -- with the Duplo DSC-10/60i Collator Tower and the deep pile Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder.

i saddle 2 pro duetto machine image

Duplo iSaddle X PRO Digital System

Need all of the automation and flat publication quality finishing of the Duplo iSaddle X, with increased sheet feeding power? Add the high capacity Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder and you get the Duplo iSaddle X PRO Digital System. It's easy to use and will turn out high quality booklets from pre-collated digital or offset printed media.

Digital isaddle machine image