Duplo 600 Booklet Maker range

You can expect high productivity, simple operation and set up, as well as advanced application capabilities such as A4 landscape, from the Duplo 600 Booklet Maker. Fully automatic, with high intelligence and with an optimised PC controller, this booklet maker lets you get underway in no time and delivers high volume, high quality jobs quickly.

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Features and Benefits

Landscape capable
Automated and precise setup
Intelligent collator towers
User-friendly PC controller
Bigger sheet sizes
Automated integrity checks


Max Booklet Size: 356x 305 mm (untrimmed)
Min Booklet Size: 105x75 mm (trimmed)
Max thickness: 6 mm/30 sheets
Maximum speed 5200 booklets per hour
6 collators maximum - intelligent feeding - ultrasonic detector option
Side stitch. Corner stitch
4 head stitching option
Loop staple option
Hand feed unit option
Kicker option
2 hole punch option
Head foot trim, Gutter trim and Foredge trim options

NPS group
The DBM-600 was specifically chosen because we wanted to bring all our A4 landscape in-house but we also needed to increase capacity and production levels with the increase in orders. As I mentioned, automation was a key consideration for us and we really love that it can save jobs for future so that repeat orders will take seconds to set up. The engineers’ knowledge was very impressive, they had the answers to any query and their after-sales and support is excellent.
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Richard Bennett, Managing Director of NPS Group, October 2022

Product Ranges

Duplo 600 PRO Digital Booklet System

Want to convert pre-collated digital or offset printed media into high quality booklets? This combination of the Duplo 600 booklet system and the 600 sheets per minute Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder is unparalleled in giving huge finishing power.

Duplo 600i Booklet System

If you need high quality booklets, simple and intelligent operation, high productivity, and additional formats such as A4 landscape, choose the Duplo 600i Booklet System. It delivers a great package for both offset and digital printers, combining high speed, intelligent DSC-10/60i Collator Towers with the easy-to-use Duplo 600 Booklet Maker.

Duplo 600 Digital Booklet System

You’re in a rapidly-changing market and business and the Duplo 600 Digital Booklet System’s middle name is adaptability. With trimmer and high speed sheet feeder, it’s the ideal companion; designed to take printed output from multiple sources and operate as a near-line booklet maker for high volume digitally-printed sheets.

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Duplo 600i Duetto Booklet System

For print businesses with both offset and digital printing presses, the flexibility and intelligent feeding afforded by multiple collator towers makes the Duplo 600i Duetto a perfect booklet system. It'll give you a head stat on ensuring the security and integrity of your print output.

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Product accessories

dsc 10-60i intelligent collator

dsc 10-60i intelligent collator

The DSC-10/60i Intelligent Towers can be added to increase the capacity and flexibilty of the entire system.

Ultrasonic double sheet detect image

Ultrasonic double sheet detect

To improve accuracy of paper feeding and enable confident handling of jobs with variable paper weights, each collator tower can be equipped with double sheet detection.

dkt-200 two hole punch

dkt-200 two hole punch

The DKT-200 Two Hole Punch enables you to punch your booklets and is fitted to the Duplo DKT-200 Two Knife Trimmer.

dkt-200 two knife trimmer

dkt-200 two knife trimmer

Full bleed finishing is simple with the DKT-200, which trims the head and foot of the booklet. Effectively double speeds with the Gutter Cut Module.

gutter knife for dkt-200

Gutter knife for dkt-200

A real productivity boost is delivered by the gutter knife. It enables 2-up printed pages to be finished, reducing downtime and doubling effective production speeds.

hohner stitching heads

Hohner stitching heads

This will allow for a loop option to increase your output, accuracy,  quality and flexibility of your production.