Duplo JDF Console for the DC-646

The DC-646 can perform automatically a wide range of finishing functions such as cutting, creasing and perforating to turn a sheet into a fully finished document in a single pass. Using JDF (job definition format) the device receives finishing instructions directly from the job ticket produced in the upstream workflow. The DC-646 JDF Console has been validated to operate in workflows from digital press suppliers such as HP Indigo, Canon, Ricoh and Xerox. An SDK is available for print companies developing their own workflow using JDF.

Features and Benefits

Increases efficiency

Removes repetitive manual tasks

Improves speed and accuracy

Reduces production costs

Reduces turnaround time

Improves customer service


Compatible with the Duplo DC-646 Cutter/Creaser

Windows 10 PC for operator GUI

Validated JDF compliant workflow

Optional barcode reader for job sheet