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We are passionate about our staff and deeply committed to them. That's because the people who work for Duplo are our most valuable asset, and that is why we have built a working environment to enable our staff to develop and achieve.

Our people strategy ensures we cultivate positive and motivational leadership. We strive to make Duplo a great place to work where our people 'make things happen'.


Our business is only as good as the people in it. We enthusiastically provide training and development opportunities, knowing that the benefits work both ways.

We develop a high-performance culture by supporting all staff to realise their full potential as direct contributors to success of Duplo.


Life never stands still at Duplo. We continuously encourage our people to take ownership, accept accountability, and show passion and commitment.

Working together as one team that communicates openly, we encourage staff to share knowledge and ideas. We are proud to be Duplo, a go-ahead and friendly company.


What happens when you apply to us? Selection procedures vary with each job, at its simplest this may involve a straight forward interview. It could be that presentations to the interview panel are included for more senior posts.

All external positions require at least two interviews and psychometric reporting.

Opportunities at Duplo

Although we have no current vacancies, we are always on the search for rising stars!

If you are interested in working with us, please use this contact form and we look forward to talking with you very soon.

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