DuSense Sensory Coater

The compact Duplo DuSense Sensory Coater provides the quality of digital embossing you expect from a professional Spot UV printer. By utilising Duplo's proven feeding technologies and Windows based GUI, setup times are limited and the first sheet printed is sellable. The 600dpi inkjet heads enable you to digitally embellish a huge varity of printed applications such as brochures, business cards, greetings cards, invitation, certificates, the list is endless.


PDF & TIFF 20-80 Micron Yes 600 x 600dpi Automatic Camera Correction (W) 364mm x (L) 740mm 1080 Sheets per hour
High Definition

High Definition

600dpi inkjet heads

Produce high definition images from PDF or TIFF format files, using gray scale images to create textured printing of variable density, ranging from 20* to 80 micron thickness, all in just one pass. This technology enables the combination of heavy solids and fine detail in the same image as well as smooth curves and detailing in beautiful fine lines, down to 5 point fonts. * Results for 20 microns are subject to conditions.
Skew Correction

Precision as Standard

Image register mark ensures UV alignment

Twin cameras and the Duplo IRM (Image Register Mark) ensure alignment precision, within 0.2mm accuracy along the entire sheet length. With an automatic set-up and adjustment for every sheet, extending from XY image shift to stretch, skew (rotation) and twist (distortion) that are particularly common after laminating. This is all performed in real-time, allowing the operator to concentrate on other tasks.

Going to great lengths to be Productive

Supports maximum sheet size of 364 x 740mm

The DuSense supports a sheet size of 364 x 740mm, making it compatible with any “SRA3” format digital production press, or even a B2 sheet cut lengthways. Running at a healthy 1080 x SRA3/B3 sheets an hour, means that the DuSense has the functionality to run 600 sheets of 250gsm, in 30 minutes of unattended operation.

Finishing process

Finishing Process

UK first for Flexpress

With a desire to give this service to its customers at a better price, Flexpress has become the first UK company to purchase the Duplo Du Sense DDC-810 sensory coater.   Click here to read ... Read more >

Duplo has high hopes for inkjet varnishing

Robin Greenhalgh, chairman of Duplo International, is hoping to convince the Japanese company to expand production of the new DDC 810 with DuSense digital spot varnishing machine following reaction fr... Read more >

New Duplo Sensory Coating System

Duplo today announces that IPEX will be the stage for the international unveiling of its DuSense Sensory Coater following a successful UK launch at the finishing pioneer’s Summer Festival last m... Read more >
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