IDEAL 5560

Packed with safety features from IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System, the 5560 is a powerful yet easy to use professional guillotine with hydraulic blade and clamp drives. A solid all-metal build, the system uses cutting blades made from high quality HSS steel. It has a 550mm cutting length and up to 95mm cutting height.

IR light barrier

Safe & Efficient Work

IR light barrier in the work area

The highest levels of safety and convenience are provided by the infrared light beam safety curtain positioned on the front table
Easy cut

Patented Activating Bars


Safety and convenience are also satisfied through the IDEAL 5560's patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars, which guarantee safe two-handed operation. There are separate trigger points for blade and clamp.
Touch pad

Modern Control

Large 7-inch touch panel

The programmable power back gauge is controlled from this easy to use electronic touch pad with digital display. Up to 99 programs can be stored, each with up to 99 steps. Measurements for standard paper sizes are pre-programmed, while keys can be programmed for quick setting of frequently used measurements.
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