Ricoh In-line Booklet Maker Range

Two great brands, Duplo and Ricoh, have partnered to create for you a series of heavy duty booklet making systems. By bringing together a range of compatible inline booklet systems, they've eliminated touchpoints and enabled you to produce printed and finished booklets in one pass, on one machine.

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Features and Benefits

Eliminate touchpoints
No manual intervention
Compatible with Ricoh printers
High production in-line system
User-friendly PC controller


Compatible with Ricoh PRO C7100, C7110, PRO 8100, 8110, 8120, PRO C9100, C9110, PRO C9200, PRO C7200
Maximum finished booklet size: (DBM-350) 320x230mm
Maximum finished booklet size: (DBM-600) 330x305mm
PC controller
Paper: 64 - 300 gsm

Product Ranges

600R In-line Booklet System

Giving you a heavy duty solution for high production environments, the 600 PRO In-line Booklet System connects Duplo’s high-end Duplo 600 Booklet Maker to Ricoh’s PRO C9100/9110 printer. This in-line solution offers its users a hands-free booklet making process--eliminating touchpoints and enabling you to deliver printed documents sheet-by-sheet directly into the booklet maker. 

Duplo 350R PRO In-line Booklet System

The Duplo 350R PRO In-line Booklet System connects Ricoh PRO C7100/ C7110 and Ricoh PRO 9100/ 9110 series provides you with a hands-free booklet making process, eliminates touchpoints, and needs no manual intervention to enable your printed documents be delivered one sheet at a time into the booklet maker.

Duplo 350R In-line Booklet System

You'll get a hands-free booklet making process wth the Duplo 350R In-line Booklet System.  It connects the Ricoh 8100/ 8110/ 8120 series to eliminate touchpoints, and enables printed documents to be delivered one sheet at a time into the booklet maker without any manual intervention.