Duplo DM Mini Collation System

The Duplo DM Mini Collation System extends the productivity and in-line automated processes of Duplo’s Esper DM-230V PRO Direct Marketing Collator.  The system enables businesses to quickly & reliably gather together into sets, a wide range of different advertising leaflets & brochures, within a wraparound cover, ready for distribution as unaddressed mail/door drop.  Ideal for postal operators, private distribution companies, mailing and fulfilment houses, as an alternative to manual collating, or as an extension to larger automated systems by handling a wider range of document formats & offering higher short run productivity.  

dm mini col

DM Mini Collation System - 01_aw_01_blue.jpg

collated set


collated set of unaddressed

Adrexo documents not run on Ferag.JPG

collated set of unaddressed

French Elections 2017 collated set.JPG

collated set of unaddressed

French Elections 2017.JPG

collated set of unaddressed

Royal Mail documents.JPG

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Features and Benefits

Fast job changeover
Reliable feeding
Up to 30% higher productivity
Continuous stacking and labelling
Simple operation (1-3 operators)
Easy set handling
Environmentally friendly
Low maintenance


23 feeding stations
Wide range of document handling (B4-A6)
60-100m bin capacity
150mm stack capacity
PC Controller
E-Tandem Job Data Transfer & Job Reporting (2-Way)
9,000 set per hour maximum speed