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Why buy separate cutting and creasing machines when you can do both, and much more with one: a Duplo Slitter Cutter Creaser. Duplo's Slitters Cutters Creasers achieve four finishing processes in just one single pass! You can use our systems for cutting, slitting, creasing and even perforating documents such as business cards, menus, brochures and greeting cards. Benefit from the intelligent, user friendly and automated quick set up of our slitter, cutter, creasers. Reduce errors and waste, save time and money expanding your business' capabilities. Duplo’s Slitter Cutter Creaser range is an outstanding all-in-one, multi-finishing paper slitter, paper cutter, plus paper creaser solution perfect for the digital print industry. Slit, cut, crease in accuracy, flexibility and creativity whilst reducing finishing bottlenecks, this solution is the answer to all your needs.

What do you want to produce? Duplo DC-range will efficiently, accurately and automatically create a wide variety of business cards, flyers, perforated vouchers, invitations and much more.

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Reliable and user-friendly slitter, cutter, creaser for short-run digital finishing. This is your straightforward, automated, productive system.
Flexible and productive slitter, cutter, creaser with efficiency and consistency ideal for demanding digital print environment.
The most automated and flexible slitter, cutter, creaser of the range, be agile and meet more demands with this system.
Powerful, heavy-duty, efficient and high quality slitter, cutter, creaser mid- to high-volume digital printer.
Increased automation engineered to optimise your productivity.
Versatile and high production slitter, cutter, creaser with very easy functionality experience a new level of efficiency and quality.
Easy use and intelligent slitter, cutter, creaser
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Utilise your digital print with digital finishing; slit, cut, crease, business cards, flyers, postcards, tare-away vouchers and much more all in a single pass. Benefit from the automation software to significantly increase your sheets per minute, process up to 6 slits, cuts or creases in a single pass. With Duplo DC Range benefit from a finishing solution that improves your output quality, your finishing processes, and your flexibility.