Duplo 150 Booklet Maker range

With the Duplo 150 Booklet Making Systems, you get all the features of the big systems, packaged into the compact footprint of the world’s smallest fully-automatic booklet maker and trimmer. Ideal if you're a low- to mid- volume user looking to bring booklet making in-house, you can scale this modular booklet-making machine, complete with trimmer, up or down and add it to offset and digital printers, to finish documents sheet by sheet or set by set.

DBM-150 Booklet System
Features and Benefits

Automatic set up
Reliable friction feeding
Compact footprint
More than 5 different finishing Modes
User friendly


Max Booklet Size: 320x 230 mm (untrimmed)
Min Booklet Size: 140 x 105 mm
Max thickness: 2.5 mm/25 sheets
Foredge trim
Side stitch option
Corner stitch option
Loop stable option
Hand feed unit
Maximum speed: 2400 booklets per hour