Duplo 150 Booklet Maker range

With the Duplo 150 Booklet Making Systems, you get all the features of the big systems, packaged into the compact footprint of the world’s smallest fully-automatic booklet maker and trimmer. Ideal if you're a low- to mid- volume user looking to bring booklet making in-house, you can scale this modular booklet-making machine, complete with trimmer, up or down and add it to offset and digital printers, to finish documents sheet by sheet or set by set.

Features and Benefits

Automatic set up
Reliable friction feeding
Compact footprint
More than 5 different finishing Modes
User friendly


Max Booklet Size: 320x 230 mm (untrimmed)
Min Booklet Size: 120 x 105 mm (untrimmed)
Max thickness: 2.5 mm/25 sheets
Foredge trim
Side stitch option
Corner stitch option
Loop stable option
Hand feed unit
Maximum speed: 2400 booklets per hour

Booklet Maker at Melborne print

“Within a few days of the installation we found that the new machine brought huge improvements in speed and quality moving from a manual hand fed machine with manual edge trim to the fully automated process..." Read the full case study.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director at Melbourne Print

Product Ranges

Duplo 150 Booklet Maker and Trimmer

Compact, yet perfectly designed, the Duplo 150 system is the world's smallest fully automatic booklet maker/trimming system. It takes up little space, but offers all the functionality of larger booklet maker systems, making it an ideal choice for digital and offset printers.

Duplo 150 Digital Booklet System

Full-featured but compact, the Duplo 150 Digital Booklet System gives you the benefit of the smallest fully automatic booklet maker there is, coupled with the reliable and flexible latest generation sheet feeder. If you need a system that accepts printed output from multiple sources, this is the one for you!

NEW 150 Booklet System

Invest in a dynamic solution with the NEW 150 Booklet System, built to give you the flexibility to grow your capabilities alongside your business. Benefit from low investment entry level booklet making with the future proofing and flexibility to upgrade the machine alongside your job volumes.

150 System

Duplo 150FR Booklet System

The Duplo 150FR booklet system is the smallest and most user-friendly fully automatic system on the market. It combines Duplo's 150 stitching / trimming system and Duplo's DFC-10110-station vertical friction collator, resulting in an output of 2,400 booklets per hour.

Product accessories

Barcode kit

Barcode kit

Gain better control over personalised and variable data jobs with Optical Mark Recognition and 1D and 2D barcode reading.

corner and side staple kit

corner and side staple kit

Create even more alternative finishes with this optional stapling kit, making side and corner stapled jobs nice and easy.

dsf-2200 trail edge air kit

dfs-2200 trail edge air kit

Less trouble with troublesome paper stocks using this kit, which flows air down the paper length to ensure sheets separate.

dsc-10/20 collator tower

dsc-10/20 collator tower

This option can be added to enable your machine to handle uncollated sets. It's customisable and can expand with your business needs.

dsc-10/20 integrated stacker

dsc-10/20 integrated stacker

For NCR or a perfect binding job you can use the DSC-10/20 Stacker which can be integrated into the collator for straight or offset stacking.

dsf 2200 preloading kit

dsf 2200 preloading kit

Pre-load and align sheets to the feeder tray prior to loading into the feeder using this accessory, deliver accurate registration and easy access.

loop staple kit

Loop staple kit

A specialised kit to make loop stitching possible, increasing application capabilities.