Booklet Makers

Everything you could want from a booklet maker; you’ll find within the extensive Duplo range. We provide small, hand-fed desktop machines to fully automated, high-quality production systems that can intelligently sheet feed both collated and uncollated sets, plus pretty much everything in between! Duplo Booklet Makers and Collator Towers are modular by nature allowing you to receive a highly bespoke solution, plus our latest booklet makers are highly intelligent giving you automated precision that is easy to use and does not require complex or specialist skill. We are confident that our range of booklet-makers will meet the individual needs of your business.

What do you want to produce? Duplo Booklet Makers will create high quality books, catalogues, manuals, step booklets and much more.

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Small and automated booklet maker
Simple and scalable booklet maker
Expert and high production booklet maker
Fully automated and pioneering saddle stitcher
Efficient and high production booklet maker