Duplo iSaddle 5.0

With the ongoing trend to ever shorter runs with faster delivery times, there’s never been a greater need to invest in solutions that deliver high quality results and adapt to many production formats and requirements. The new iSaddle 5.0 delivers just that. Evolved from Duplo’s flagship iSaddle system,  it provides the convenience of production from a flat sheet, combined with features to produce a wide range of profitable applications, allowing users to differentiate themselves from the competition.

iSaddle 5.0

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iSaddle 5.0

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Colouring book


Step booklet


Variable page booklet


Step booklet


Multi size booklet


Multi size booklet


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Features and Benefits

The FLEXIBILITY to accept a wide range of printed media, standard and non-standard job formats.
MINIMAL MAKEREADY to reduce unproductive time
CONTINUITY to start running and keep producing without interruption
DURABILITY for the long and the short runs


Max finished booklet Size: 356x305mm (untrimmed)
Min finished booklet Size: 105x75mm (Trimmed)
Max thickness: 3mm/30 sheets
Saddle stitch
Foredge trim
Head/Foot trim option
Gutter trim option
Loop stitch option
4 head stitch option
Kicker option
4 collators maximum - intelligent feeding - ultrasonic detector option
Maximum speed 5000 booklets per hour
Multi-sized booklet option - up to 6 different size sheets per booklet

What made us acquire this machine was essentially the cost of time spent adjusting. On this system is very small so we have a very short adjustment time when compared to the more mechanical machines that we had which nowadays, with how fast we have to deliver jobs, becomes of huge importance.
Bruno Moluras - General manager at Ondagrafe in Lisbon - September 2019

Product Ranges

Duplo iSaddle PRO Digital Saddle Stitcher

With the Duplo iSaddle PRO Digital Saddle Stitcher, you get all the automation and flat publication quality finishing of the iSaddle, but with increased sheet feeding power, through the addition of the high-capacity Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder. It's easy to use and will help your business grow profitably, turning out high quality booklets from pre-collated digital or offset printed media.

iSaddle2 pro Digital System

Duplo iSaddle PRO Duetto Saddle Stitcher

The Duplo iSaddle PRO Duetto, is the perfect system if you want high quality, variable data booklets out of pre-collated digital and offset sheets. It marries together the Duplo DSC-10/60i Collator Tower and the deep pile Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder, all integrated into a highly-automated saddle stitcher with the capability to produce old-style, flat publications.

i saddle 2 pro duetto machine image

Duplo iSaddle Digital Saddle Stitcher

If you want to open up new application possibilities, improve your profitability and grow your business, you can add sheet feeding power and versatility to the Duplo iSaddle with the Duplo DSF-2200 sheet feeder. The Duplo iSaddle Digital System gives you the automation of a modern saddle stitcher, with traditional machines' ability to produce flat publications.

iSaddle2 Digital System

Product accessories

4 head stitch + gutter knife

4 head stitch + gutter knife

Increase your production speeds and increase your output to 9000 books per hour for smaller booklets. Add another two stitching heads along with the DKT-200 Two Knife Trimmer and a gutter knife for 2-up production.

6 page insertion kit

6 page insertion kit

Application possibilities are enhanced with this kit, which allows your operator to insert a single sheet of A4 into an A3 folded sheet.

dsc 10-60i intelligent collator

dsc 10-60i intelligent collator

The DSC-10/60i Intelligent Towers can be added to increase the capacity and flexibilty of the entire system.

dsc-10/20 integrated stacker

DBM-400STR stacker

For NCR or a perfect binding job you can use the DSC-10/20 Stacker which can be integrated into the collator for straight or offset stacking.

Ultrasonic double sheet detect image

Ultrasonic double sheet detect

To improve accuracy of paper feeding and enable confident handling of jobs with variable paper weights, each collator tower can be equipped with double sheet detection.

gutter knife for dkt-200

Gutter knife for dkt-200

A real productivity boost is delivered by the gutter knife. It enables 2-up printed pages to be finished, reducing downtime and doubling effective production speeds.

hohner stitching heads

Hohner stitching heads

This will allow for a loop option to increase your output, accuracy,  quality and flexibility of your production.

loop staple kit

Loop staple kit

A specialised kit to make loop stitching possible, increasing application capabilities.