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Duplo International is a leading Print Finishing provider, renowned for the precision and automation of its finishing solutions. With a legacy spanning several decades, Duplo International is committed to delivering innovative and high-quality print finishing systems and technology to meet the evolving needs of the printing industry. Our extensive range of modular solutions has been designed to optimise your print operations and cater for a wide range of print finishing needs, from implants to commercial printers as well as in embellishment and packaging.  

Because people are at the heart of our success, you can expect world-class support and service throughout your journey with Duplo International. Duplo International is headquartered near London, UK and serves the entire EMEA region. Find out how we can help you by browsing our site or contacting us here.      

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Long run pink booklet on conveyor

Exploring The World of Booklets – Square Spine Books, Large Run Books and Variable Data Books

In the digital world that we live in, the great value of booklet finishing has slowly slipped from the minds of businesses worldwide. This couldn’t be more unfortunate! For booklet finishing in the…

The DMB-700, engineered to increase capacity, and expand capabilities, empowering businesses to elevate their print and booklet production.

Duplo International proudly announces the launch of the DBM-700 booklet maker, designed to diversify booklet making capabilities and optimise productivity. This innovative solution offers a seamless…

Duplo Launches the DC-F100 in-Line Folding System for DC-618 and DC-648, streamlining operations and driving efficiency.

Duplo, a leader in print finishing solutions, and pioneer of the multi-finisher unveils its latest innovation, the DC-F100, an In-Line Folding System engineered for integration with the renowned DC-…
foil application


Print advertisement has continued to flourish in the world of marketing, despite years of digital development and an emphasis on social media marketing schemes. In our expert opinion, there’s a charm…

Everything You Need to Know About the Growth of Influencer Packaging 

 Everything You Need to Know About the Growth of Influencer Packaging  In recent years, the marketing landscape has witnessed a significant surge in the growth of influencer packaging – this…
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How workflow and connectivity will make your business more sustainable

A printer’s workflow can play a huge role in improving a business’s sustainability in today's digital age. By optimising and streamlining print processes, businesses can reduce costs, enhance…
DuSense application

Energise Print Embellishment with the DDC-8000

Here at Duplo International, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with automated, top of the range intelligent and easy to use finishing solutions for the print and digital…
DuSense application

Why Designers Should Master Embellishment Tools and Unleash Their Creative Potential

  So, what is the purpose of print embellishment, and what can it be used for? Believe it or not, embellishment is not a new concept; it’s been used in enhancing product marketing for years. Die…

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