Duplo DuSense DDC-8000

The DuSense DDC-8000 takes spot UV coating and embellishment to a whole new level, both in terms of paper formats it handles, and the range of superb high quality raised effects it delivers.

The DuSense DDC-8000 enables print providers to produce highly desirable high value print jobs that brands, and end users love. It combines high quality performance, automation, ease of use, versatility, and a wide range of embellishments to optimise all your product offering.

*This product is not available for sale in France.


B2 SPOT UV_03B.jpg

Spot uv application



B2 SPOT UV_02B.jpg

Spot uv application


Spot uv application


Spot uv application



B2 SPOT UV_02B.jpg


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Features and Benefits

Process up to 585 x 1068mm formats - thus handling all ranges of B2 prints

600x600dpi heads for superior accuracy and details

Modular: 4 configurations available to suit your needs and evolve with you

Optimised efficiency: 1 varnish* only working with both digital and off-set printed sheets - no waste

Fully automated in a compact 6.6m footprint

Green button technology for ease of use

Optional Inline Cold Foiling Unit = no need to laminate

Optional surface treatment unit to widen embellishment range

Automatic Thickness Detection (ATD) allows the UV Print Heads to be set to optimum height to ensure the best quality print results.


Large sheet format of Max sheet size 585 x 1068mm

High resolution 600dpi inkjet head

Max sheet weight of 600 gsm

200mm paper capacity for longer runs

10 to 80 microns thickness in 1 pass**

Thickness 0.14-0.8mm

Printing correction: CCD camera

Machine dimensions: 5426x 1397 x 1980mm

Barcode reader for variable data printing

* Results for 80 µm are subject to conditions.