Duplo DC-648 Slitter Cutter Creaser

The DC-648 delivers new levels of speed, durability, and versatility, together with increased automation, ease of use and connectivity into the user’s workflow, creating efficiency that brings multiple benefits across the customer’s business.

Automated Precision lies at the heart of the DC-648; not only in the ability to set up and manage jobs without operator intervention, but also in the integration with pre-press workflow that ensures jobs are created efficiently and accurately, first time. This is further enhanced by supporting the Industry 4.0 initiative, collecting and sharing production data with the customer’s MIS. These tools create efficiency and drive down waste, increasing sustainability.





DC-648 banner feed tray

Banner Feed Tray 1 with Backdrop Lightened2.png

DC-648 banner feed tray

Banner Feed Tray 2 with Backdrop Lightened.jpg



DC-648 Module 1

DC648 CTM with Backdrop.jpg

DC-648 Module2

DC648 RTM with Backdrop.jpg




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Features and Benefits

Automation to deliver DYNAMIC, LEAN OPERATION
Ease of use REDUCES DEPENDENCY on key personnel
Multiple options to increase VERSATILITY
WORKFLOW CONNECTIVITY for increased accuracy and reduced waste
Engineered for PRODUCTIVITY


Max Sheet W x L : 370 x 710 mm (1200 mm *) * With optional Banner Feed Tray
Min Sheet W x L: 210 x 210 mm
Paper Weight: 110 to 400 gsm
Min Finished Size W x L: 48 x 49 mm (28 mm*) * Extended Feature
Delivery Tray Capacity: 150 mm
Maximum Cuts: 30
Maximum Creases:  20
Industry 4.0 compatible
Options: PC, Rotary Tool, Cross Tool, Up-Crease Module, Banner Feed Tray, Conveyor stacker, Waste Conveyor