Duplo DF-1300L Long Sheet folder

The DF-1300L is positioned between Duplo’s friction feed paper folders for the office market, and SRA3 format suction folders commonly found in small commercial printers.   Combining the compact footprint and ease-of-use automation of its lesser brothers, together with air suction feeding essential for handling digital print, the DF-1300L complements the growth in features and print quality of entry level presses, that have brought new levels of affordable production to in-house and small digital print shops.  It is the ability to handle ‘Long A3’ format banner sheets that makes this product unique in its class, allowing marketing departments and small print production sites to stretch their creativity and variety of applications they can produce.


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1300L paper folder

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DF 1300L Table folder


DF 1300L Table folder


Table top suction folder

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DF 1300L Table folder


DF 1300L Table folder

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DF 1300L Table folder


DF 1300L Table folder


DF 1300L Table folder


DF 1300L Table folder


Features and Benefits

Folding of Long A3 formats allowing more variety and creativity
Cross-folding for compact applications and reducing postage costs
Air suction feeding essential for handling digital colour print
Ease-of-use through automation allows unskilled operation
Compact footprint saves space


Max sheets W 310 x L 648 mm
Min sheets W 120 x L 182 mm
Uncoated paper; 55 to 160gsm
Coated paper; 70 gsm to 160 gsm (230gsm single fold)
Air suction feeding
Ultrasonic double detection
2 Autosetting folding plates & delivery
30 job memories
Maximum speed 310 sheets/minute

Product accessories

Delivery Extension

Delivery Extension

For collection of extra long sheets where finished length is 300mm. Provides additional delivery capacity during production and easier unloading for operator convenience.

Wheel base

Wheeled Base

The DF-1300L is compact in size and can be placed on a table top.   Or for added convenience and flexibility in the work zone, add a wheeled cabinet and move easily to where needed for operation, then push away into storage when not required to save floorspace.  Room for storage and paper below.