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Take away the pain of folding documents by hand with a paper folding machine from one of Duplo’s two ranges.  Friction feed models are at home in the offices of a commercial company, financial institution, university or charity; because convenience is at the heart of these paper folders and users love the compact size, flexibility and ease-of-use.   Letters, invoices and flyers will be speedily and properly folded, ready for quick and easy envelope inserting for posting or handing out as information leaflets.   Use the cross-fold feature to further reduce size and gain cost savings from using smaller envelopes and lower postal charges (in relevant countries).

Suction feed models exist for handling digital colour print; perhaps you have a marketing  department that produces a wide variety of promotional material, or needs in-house to provide printed material with other goods for a specific application.  The ability to handle long format sheets allows creative businesses to stretch the variety and imagination of what can be produced.

Both ranges feature an easy to use control panel with memory recall and quick autosetting into a wide range of formats, batch mode to count and separate, plus cross-folding to cater to a variety of folding needs. Duplo Paper Folding Machines are an effortless solution to highly efficient and productive folding.

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DF-999 Tabletop Paper Folding Machine

It’s very fast and quiet, so perfect for your office environment. Not only that, the Duplo DF-999 Tabletop Paper Folding Machine is highly efficient productive, easy to use and set up. The fastest on the table top folding market, this machine can fold up to 260 sheets per minute.


DF-1300L Long Sheet folder

The DF-1300L is positioned between Duplo’s friction feed paper folders for the office market, and SRA3 format suction folders commonly found in small commercial printers.   Combining the compact footprint and ease-of-use automation of its lesser brothers, together with air suction feeding essential for handling digital print, the DF-1300L complements the growth in features and print quality of entry level presses, that have brought new levels of affordable production to in-house and small digital print shops.  It is the ability to handle ‘Long A3’ format banner sheets that makes this product unique in its class, allowing marketing departments and small print production sites to stretch their creativity and variety of applications they can produce.

DF 850

Duplo DF-850 Tabletop Paper Folding Machine

Reliable and user-friendly, the entry level Duplo DF-850 Tabletop Paper Folding Machine has a speed of 241 sheets per minute. This table top folder gives your office an easy-to-use control panel, batch mode, a reliable friction feeding mechanism and up and down counter.

DF 870

Duplo DF-870 Tabletop Paper Folding Machine

The Duplo DF-870 Tabletop Paper Folding Machine is the fastest table top folding solution in its category, with a top speed of 241 sheets per minute. Twice as fast as its predecessors and easy-to-use, this table top folder is efficient and productive saving you time and money.


Duplo DF-990 Desktop Folder

The new DF-990 has been designed with user flexibility in mind. The colour LCD touch panel simplifies the programming of your chosen fold, without any manual adjustment.This may be one of the easiest paper folding machines to use. With its job memory increased to 15 jobs, seven pre-set paper folds and Cross fold unit supplied as standard, this new and improved model takes the pain out of folding. Maximise your productivity with the new DF-990. DF-990 is both faster and intuitive. It can automatically detect standard paper sizes from A3 to A7 and automatically set the fold position for each of the 6 built-in fold styles. Non-standard paper size the length can be inserted manually and fold position will be adjusted automatically.

Lower Semantics

Add ease to your paper folding, speeding up and simplifying fold jobs. This automatic paper folder gives you a wide range of capabilities; letter folder, booklet folder or pamphlets and flyers in significantly higher sheets per hour.