Duplo DC-746 Cutter Creaser

If you want a huge range of cutting, creasing and perforating options, with speed and precision, the Duplo DC-746 Cutter Creaser is the highly versatile system you're looking for. You're never left waiting on finishing, with very easy functionality and very little touch points you will experience a new level of high quality, highly efficient print finishing.

Features and Benefits

Automatic set up
User-friendly PC controller
Optional modules for greater versatility
EFI XML integration


Max sheet size: 370 x 670 mm *999.9 option on extended spec
Min sheet size: 210 x 210 mm
Min finished size: 48 x 49 mm *28mm on extended spec
Paper: 110gsm - 350gsm
30 cuts
20 creases
Up to 10 slitters
Stop/start perfing/ creasing in both directions
Fully automatic set up
PC controlled
XML template output
Barcode and pagination readers
50 sheets per minute

Noel Tatt

We’ve only had the DC-746 for about a month now, but we’ve already beat out cutting record day on treble shift. It’s an absolute powerhouse and just keeps churning out work. Its easy to use, operator friendly and we love it.

John Cox – Print Manager at Noel Tatt- Impress publishing

Product accessories


cross perforating module (CPM)

Add to your flexibility in perforating, by being able to switch between perforation, micro-perforation and slit-score, as well the ability to create a variable cross-perf along the sheet.

integrated folding solution

Integrated folding solution

Placed in-line with the DC-646i or DC-746, the IFS automatically folds sheets that have been cut, creased and perforated, applying one of six common fold patterns, before stacking.

Optional slitter module

Optional slitter module

Increase the number of cuts you can do in a single pass and finish those small multiple-up on a sheet jobs, quickly and efficiently.

Rotary tool module

Rotary tool module

Add dynamism to finishing, with easy switching between combinations of scoring, perforating, micro-perforating and slit-scoring, as well as non-continuous strikes and skip perforations.