EFI Fiery Command Workstation & Impose

With Efi Fiery Command Workstation & Impose, export the Cutter Creaser templates from Duplo's DC range and use hot folders to automatically add the Duplo barcode and registration marks. The Duplo DFE connector is compatible with Efi Fiery DFE widely available on many medium to high end production presses from Canon, KM, Ricoh and Xerox. Efi Impose provides all the tools required to make significant savings in time and money. Perfect for Medium to high volume digital printers, short runs, with high job numbers, plus near-line to digital press

Features and Benefits

Reduce pre-press time
Eradicate errors
Increase productivity 

Reduce production bottlenecks 

More efficient production workflows


Compatible with the Duplo DC-range

Advance capabilities with the DC-618, DC- 646i and DC-746
PC controller Software: DC-618: V1.01,  DC-646i: V1.13, DC-746: V1.09
Fiery Command workstation: V.6.2 (min)
Fiery hot folders: V3 (min)  


We have automated the whole process to be able to get more work out per day in less hours. When we started we were at about 20 jobs now we are at well over 100 a day using the workflow software.


John Rozema – CEO at Get it now print, January 2020
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