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Image Data Streamlines Process with Duplo Multi Finisher

Brighton based digital printer Image Data have purchased a Duplo DC-746 multi finisher. The machine was installed at the beginning of June with installation and training conducted same day and within the government guidelines, the machine was up and running and producing work by the afternoon. The DC-746 starts at £48,000 and is Duplo’s top of the range multi finishing device.

“Purchasing the multi finisher was a no brainer.” Says Operations Director Jason Vivian. “I’d been looking at a Duplo multi finisher for a few years now for our short run digital printed leaflets, business cards, tickets, flyers, coupons and greetings cards. But a few things needed to fall in place first. Now that it has been installed it is a major asset to the team and has sped up the processing of different jobs. Trimming business cards on a guillotine is simply a nightmare and not cost effective. Many designers do not really understand the printing process, so when creating artwork do not take into account any possible image shift or paper shrinkage so then when cutting on a guillotine, business cards and other similar applications can look very poorly produced. The DC-746 with its CCD registration scans and adjusts the position on the fly giving me a perfect finish every time - It is a game changer. We did a lot of testing on multiple applications using the DC-746 and Jason McRae our Finishing Manager simply said, “I want one!”

“At Image data we have do a very flexible work force, with lots of cross over skills, the DC-746 fits right in since it’s so easy to use and set up. Although we have a huge amount of accumulated experience with a few people who have spent over 30 years in the print industry, we do bring in young blood through apprenticeships and so the PC control and Bar Code scanning takes the need for highly skilled finishers out of the equation and still results in professionally finished output. Small format, short run digital print is making years of skill more and more redundant on the shop floor.”

“We treat our suppliers and customers as partners. We seek relationships and build them through the years so that when things do not quite go to plan, it is the relationships that help us through these challenging times times. We have been very lucky throughout the current pandemic, we’ve had some very good long-standing contracts with local manufacturing companies, and others in the health sector who have needed our services through these difficult times. Image Data has 3 sites, Brighton and two in East Yorkshire and have been providing print solutions for their customers for over 30 years across trade, public, corporate, and retail sectors.

The Brighton site has 5 Xerox digital presses, including the first iGen 150 to be installed in the UK, an iGen5, a Versant 2100 and 2 Nuvera twin engine mono presses. Jason continues “with 80% of our finishing using Duplo equipment we’ve found that the combination of Xerox printers and Duplo finishing cannot be beaten. This includes a Duplo DBM-600 Digital booklet making system that we predominantly bought because of the long sheet finishing and landscape booklet making which we upgraded from the DBM-350 – It’s quick and its flexible. We do our perfect binding on the Duplo DPB-500 semi-automatic binder and can achieve up to 100 books/hour. We’ve invested over £3 Million over the last 3 years, we’ve found keeping up with technology makes great business sense, and our customers appreciate it especially when we can offer newer and better products that are in line with their own goals.”

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The DC-746 has a maximum speed of 50 sheets per minute it can process up to 10 slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass producing over 350 business cards, or 120 A5 greetings cards or just under 200 A5 postcards in a minute. The device is fully automated and has EFI XML integration, with built-in CCD scanner and reads barcodes and registration marks. It’s the perfect device to produce business cards, postcards, leaflets, greeting cards, CD & DVD inserts and sleeves, photo book pages, direct mail, promotional advertising, and T & L shaped perforated tickets, in high volume digital environments.

For more information on the DC-746 and how it can help your business, contact us here.


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