Latcham Direct purchases their second iSaddle PRO

Latcham Direct purchases their second iSaddle PRO

Bristol based communications specialist Latcham Direct have bought their second iSaddle PRO, new from Duplo International. The iSaddle which was installed in the middle of October caps off their £1 Million investment in this year alone. Earlier this year they installed a Canon Oce VarioPrint i300 and an imagePress C850. Latcham’s recent investments total more than£350,000 as their estimated turnover for 2019 reaches £12 Million.

Managing Director Mike Hughes said, “Our current iSaddle is used to produce very high quality, highly personalised booklets for different customers - we’ve seen an increase in demand for this exact product. The growth of our personalised membership and policy booklet jobs was the reason why we chose another iSaddle PRO and it meets this requirement perfectly. It’s a robust and a really high-quality booklet maker packed with automation – the in-line barcode scanning is a major selling point for us as it can read every single page, sort and collate variable pages in books and verify on the fly. The bespoke booklets for memberships, policies and contracts sometimes need a lot of personalisation, some with variable pagination and the iSaddle handles everything excellently with its PC control unit.”

Latcham Direct provides a market leading package of data, print, digital and fulfilment solutions to customers throughout the UK across multiple industry sectors including utilities, l healthcare, financial services, membership services and local authorities including electoral and council tax and electoral services.

Jason Davies, Regional Sales Manager for Duplo UK on working with Latcham Direct said, “I’ve known the Latchem Direct team for years, and we’ve always had a great relationship. After lots of testing and demo’s we ticked all the boxes so that the iSaddle Pro was the right machine for the jobs that they needed, the flexibility, build quality and the automation were all key factors. They’re a company who really know exactly where they want to be in the coming years and have bought the kit to carry them through – it’s always a pleasure dealing with customers who are so forward thinking because that is what our kit excels at – it’s ahead of the curve and packed with automation and all the really clever things you can achieve. The Duplo range is built for future expansion which it’s modularity naturally lends itself to.”

Hughes concludes, “We’ve continued to invest in our future capacities, and we’re driving growth in this field – we’ve seen where we want to head, with additional capacity and technology, but we need to maintain the balance between that, and bringing a greater service to our customers. Our investment in innovative solutions such as the iSaddle allows customers to get quick access to high-quality printed materials, from leaflets and brochures to secure printing. Creating personalised and customised marketing materials, for short run prints or high-volume campaigns.”

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