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Melbourne Print improves finishing quality with Duplo booklet maker.

Melbourne Print have purchased and installed a new DBM-150 booklet maker and trimmer with a Duplo refurbished DSC-10/20 tower. The machine replaces a manual saddle stitcher as they wanted to automate their finishing and to reduce time spent manually stitching booklets.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director said, “We’ve had a quieter 18 months than we would have liked but we’ve been able to adapt the business to offer more online services and by using various government schemes we were able to keep all of our staff. We’re now looking forward to a busy next 12 months and so we thought automating our booklet production was key to being able to fit the extra work in. Mitch and Duplo’s technical team did a great job showing us the capabilities of the Duplo booklet maker range – since this was our first dip into bringing this type of work in-house, we needed to be extra sure. The DBM-150 is the right fit for the products that we needed to produce and also the budget we had available to spend.”

“Within a few days of the installation we found that the new machine brought huge improvements in speed and quality moving from a manual hand fed machine with manual edge trim to the fully automated process. The fine adjustment on the crease and stitch makes getting the quality right quite simple. Our operators have quickly picked up most of the features of the DBM-150, however I do feel the controls could have been laid out in a more logical way, but I suppose that is were the benefits of having the PC control with the digital version come into play. We have already moved a number of jobs from the manual saddle stitcher to the DBM-150 and have also started producing some jobs that would have historically gone to outsource – which is fantastic. Bringing work in-house means more profit for the company, we can keep costs down and turn work around much faster. It has freed up valuable time that was spent manually saddle stitching and we now also have the confidence that the products we are supplying have a consistent high-quality finish.”

Based in Derby, Melbourne Print installed the Duplo DBM-150 booklet system in their 3000 sqm factory. It sits alongside their Konica Minolta 6085 Accurio Production Press, Konica Minolta C759 and C554 digital presses, Epson T5200D and Canon IPF6400SE large format printers, 2 Matrix foiler/laminators, a Duplo DC-645 slitter, cutter, creaser along with a host of other finishing equipment. 

Duplo 150 booklet maker

“Melboure Print had been on my radar for a while,” says Mitch Ball, Regional Sales Manager for Duplo, “and we initially thought that they would need the DBM-350, but after carefully looking at their production portfolio, the DBM-150 was a much better fit along with the tower. They’re a great local print company and its easy to see why their customers keep coming back to them. As ever we try to help our customers with their pain points and not simply sell them a machine. We had a socially distanced physical demo at our Addlestone showroom to show the exact configuration Paul would be getting. Melbroune Print’s regular customers are local SME’s and businesses that value extra support, security and flexibility that they can offer, compared to the online print giants. With a large array of products, they are now also in the process of exploring opportunities for new markets. We did a cracking deal and hopefully helped Melbourne’s bright future along the way.”

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