Ultimate Impostrip

Finishing automation starts with imposition. Ultimate's Impostrip Pro software solution removes manual touchpoints, reduces bottlenecks throughout the workflow, and enables a print provider to handle post-press automation together with pre-press, thus achieving a greater lever of efficiency. Currently available for integration with our Duplo multifinishing equipment.

With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, Ultimate Impostrip® is designed with productivity in mind. Easy-to-use yet extremely versatile, automate the creation of complex impositions to resolve growing bottlenecks due to increasing number of short runs. 



Ultimate inpostrip


DC 618


dc 646i

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Ultimate inpostrip


Features and Benefits

Easy to use
Reduces the need of specialist operators on your finishing device
Consistent high quality
Remove manual touchpoints
Reduce waste


Available for all of DC-range solutions

GP print

“The Ultimate Impostrip software was purchased initially to create the cutting files for the PFi Blade B3+, as it takes a time intensive and high-pressure task into a more relaxed and streamlined process. But now 90% of our entire workflow goes though the Ultimate Impostrip software – it’s just drag and drop for most files. It has tied in our presses, booklet maker, digital cutting tables and the multi finishers. It was easy to see the benefit of doing this and has made our productivity reach new levels.”

Full case study here 


Peter Martyr, Director of GP Print

Product Ranges

DC-746 S

Your Ultimate Impostrip Automated multifinisher is not only easy to use, its low cost making it affordable even for smaller digital print providers. Less manual touch points, a streamlined production process, and less errors delivers considerable savings as well as removing pre-press and post-press bottlenecks, and allowing you to create more versatility from your current workforce. 

DC 746

DC-646 S

Ultimate's Impostrip Pro software solution with your DC-646 enables any member of a team to take an order, drop it into a folder, and get the job to printed and finished within a few clicks of the mouse. Things like adding finishing barcodes are handled right at the pre-press stage (and even remotely) thus allowing any staff member to feed your printed sheets into your Duplo finishing equipment, and let our automated multifinisher do the rest. No need for specialist finishing operator whilst you get he most out of our automated DC solutions. 

DC 646I

DC-618 S

Easy to use and affordably experience a workflow automation solution with your multi-finisher. Free up resources to allow staff to be more productive throughout the business, deliver consistent high quality that customers expect, improve production efficiencies, provide a faster turnaround time and prevent errors which in turn reduces waste. 

DC 618