Workflow and connectivity

With Duplo's workflow integration automate your workflow from end-to-end including finishing. Duplo have partnered with top automation software providers to deliver a time-saving integration end to end; from pre-press to post-press. This offering, which eliminates the need for manual data entry and setup of finishing information, allows for efficient, automated imposition layout and production from pre-press through the finishing stages; achieve precision throughout, faster turnaround and saving up to 70% of setup time.

With connected solutions experience automation that will reduce human setup, errors and waste, turn around timing and running costs. Explore our workflow automation and connectivity partners for streamlined, smoother, more efficient processes.

Category Products

Drive efficiency by removing manual touchpoints with Ultimate's easy to use and affordable workflow solution.
Connect your off-line finishing to save time and money by automating imposition with with EFI.
Fully automate from job ticket across the entire printing process to finishing on the the DC-646.