DC-616 one operator,one pass, multiple possibilitiesiSaddle Booklet Maker - from one size to another in just 30 seconds
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Kingsley Print & Design: Confidence grows with breakthrough into new markets...

"The reliability of the system has given production so much confidence, and A4 landscape means we can break into new markets."

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The three Stowe brothers walked past the Duplo booth (Stand 61, Hall 6) at drupa. Nothing unusual until a call, ‘hey, Tom, Oliver, Ed – come over here, you’ll love this new iSaddle System’.

Less than two hours later they were drinking champagne with Duplo UK MD Peter Jolly and salesman Jason Davies, who’d just made one of the best calls of his life.

In what turned out to be a total random, off-the-cuff sale – nothing planned beforehand – Vale Press is now going to be the proud owner of a Duplo iSaddle System. Now the print finishing system, which has an industry-first capability of short-run A4 landscape work, will be installed in Vale Press’s premises in Willersey, Gloucestershire, in around six weeks’ time.

“I still can’t believe we did that,” mused Tom Stowe, managing director of the company that specialises in trade print work and has been a Duplo customer for 10 years. “We’d already committed to a new Heidelberg press so our total investment at drupa is now virtually a million pounds.

“Yes, our print finishing systems probably need a refresh even though they have been incredibly reliable. But if Jason hadn’t made that call, we’d definitely have walked on past and not done the deal.

“We were persuaded to buy the Duplo iSaddle System because it has full automation, easy workflow systems and is the only system on the market that has short-run A4 landscape capability, which is increasingly being demanded by customers.”

Peter Jolly said: “Neither could we believe the deal happened there and then, but the Duplo iSaddle System turned out to be exactly what they needed. They have been loyal customers and know we will exceed, not just meet their expectations."

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Spingold turns the corner with the UK's first PFi DI-CUT 300

"We took some of our materials and ran them through the die-cutter to see how it dealt with them. I could see straight away that it was perfect – it was exactly what we were looking for.”


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Digital printing company Telford Repro has extended its range of Duplo finishing equipment with its latest investment – a Duplo DC-616 PRO Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, purchased through its long-standing supplier, Docu-Finish Solutions in Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire. 

The all-digital operation has been in business since 1994 and today runs four high-powered Konica Minolta digital presses that are printing short run, fast turnaround work that is generally despatched same-day. The company invested in a Duplo DBM-150 booklet maker with DSF-2200 sheet feeder just over a year ago to take some of the pressure off of the finishing department, but bottlenecks remained in the process, with sheets of business cards, for example, having to be cut on a guillotine, and creasing on an offline rotary creaser.

Consequently, Telford Repro went back to its trusted finishing equipment partner Docu-Finish Solutions for advice, and the Duplo reseller suggested the DC-616 PRO system, which is perfect for the short run, on-demand digital printer. Capable of up to 25 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass, the automated multi-function finishing system is compact and easy to use, with PC controller software and touchscreen operation. As well as slitting, cutting and creasing, it can also perforate in the same pass.

“We looked at Duplo and the competitors and we found that the DC-616 PRO just did that little bit more,” said Peter Llewellyn, Managing Director of Telford Repro. “It had one or two aspects, such as the types of creasing and the number of cuts, that singled it out as the most suitable for the applications we run. 

“The new machine enables us to put an SRA3 sheet of business cards in one end and it cuts, separates and provides ready-stacked business cards at the other. It also creases and trims very accurately. The automated, barcode-driven set-up process means we can load it up and walk away to do something else, and we know the output will be good. We’ve only had it for a couple of months but already it has proved to be extremely beneficial and certainly has saved us a lot of time, which saves us money. It has proved to be a great acquisition.”

Mr Llewellyn added that the company has always found Duplo equipment to be well-made and reliable, and that support and problem solving from either Docu-Finish Solutions or Duplo has always been very good.  

“I first showed Peter the DC-616 PRO when we visited Duplo’s Northern Lights exhibition last year and we’ve been talking about it since,” said Stuart Granger of reseller Docu-Finish Solutions. “The objective for Telford Repro is to become as automated as possible, and the DC-616 PRO will speed up their entire slitting, cutting and creasing process, as well as giving them better accuracy than they had before. With Duplo equipment you always know it will be reliable, and in Telford Repro’s market – where everything is needed instantly – that reliability is crucial.”

Angela Osborne, Digital Finishing and Office Division Manager for Duplo UK, said: “Telford Repro is a long-term, highly-valued customer of Duplo. It was looking for a smoother flow of work through the factory and we’re delighted that our partner Docu-Finish Solutions came up with an ideal answer in our DC-616 PRO. It’s the perfect system for a company with the mix of work and turnaround demands that Telford Repro has.”

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