IDEAL 3 Phase High Capacity Shredders

Our top of the range Duplo IDEAL 3-Phase Shredder is capable of swallowing entire lever arch files with ease, and all of these models can handle high volumes of shredding. These shredding systems are easy to use and packed with safety features. They are also built to last, with specially-hardened steel cutting shafts that make light work of the toughest shredding jobs.

IDEAL 3 phase, high capacity shredders

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Features and Benefits

High capacity and secure shredding
Extra-large feeding capacity
Strengthened cutting shafts for robust hard wearing operation
Mobile shred bins
Automatic oil injection on the cutting shafts


High Capacity shredders range from P-2 and P-3 Security Ratings
Perfect for large amounts of paper, disks and lever arch files*
*Product specific

Product Ranges

IDEAL 4605 High capacity shredder

You can feed flat sheets and crumpled paper into the IDEAL 4605, with its feeding table and hopper. This is a high-capacity shredder that is easy to use and built to last, with specially hardened steel cutting shafts, resistant against soft metal objects. Automatic stops kick in when the door and hopper are opened, and it has a high-volume container (230 litres) for shredded material.

IDEAL 4605 High-capacity shredder

IDEAL 5009

Watching the IDEAL 5009 swallow entire lever arch files with ease is quite a sight! This is a powerful high-capacity shredder for handling large quantities of shredding. It has specially hardened steel cutting shafts, two automatic speed levels and safety features such as an electronically secured safety guard in the feeding area. Automatic reverse/re-feed if a paper jam occurs and automatic stop when full. 

IDEAL 5009 3 phase high-capacity f