Bagel Systems Laminators

Spanish manufacture Bagel Systems, specialise in developing and manufacturing added value laminating equipment for the graphic arts and packaging industry. The Bagel solutions allow printers to bring lamination in-house in a cost effective, easy to use and scalable package. Applications for the Bagel Systems are endless. These include; business cards, catalogues, menu’s, leaflets and flyers, greetings cards, children’s books, promotional materials, luxury bags, sales documents, posters. And also now: Cosmetic packaging, luxury products and packaging, anti-bacterial hospital material packaging.

Bagel Systems Laminators B3


Bagel Systems Laminators PRO


Features and Benefits

Modular - designed to easily plug it’s automatic feeder, so users can shift up on production as well as automation.

Offers best-in-class laminating technology and unmatched consistency of the finished product.

Oil heated rollers ensure the best distribution of temperature across the whole surface increasing lamination consistency.

Silicone pressure roller; non sticky surface, easy to clean and high temperature resistant material.

Robust cutter. It can burst Bopp/Nylon/PET films.

Auto mode; the machine starts by one click.


Operating speed of 15 and 20m/min

Can laminate stock between 130-350gsm

Minimum Paper format : 210 x 297 mm

Maximum Paper format: 380 x 700 mm


3DF Module allows foiling, metallic foiling, varnishing and spot varnishing

Double sided lamination

Digital Hot stamp module

Product Ranges


iLAM PRO is easy to operate and it does it with the best heating engine; thermal oil filled roller. It is modular, it grows as your production increase, it brings Digital HotStamp technology to print metallic foiling or spot varnish effects. And now it laminates both sides in one pass.

Bagel iLAM PRO


The MiniLAM B3 is purposely design for the most demanding and dynamic digital environments in the market. Bagel Systems brings a new level of robustness across the whole machine and superior levels of automation. The MINILAM B3 offers new technologies like digital hot stamping, which resembles foil stamping with metallic foils, holographic foils, flood varnish and spot varnish. The machine will be the fastest and easiest to use machine in its class.

Bagel MiniLAM B3