Why buy separate cutting and creasing machines when you can do both, and much more with one: a Duplo Slitter Cutter Creaser. Achieve four finishing processes in just one pass, you can use our systems for cutting, slitting, creasing and even perforating documents such as business cards, menus, brochures and greeting cards. Save money, save time, expand your business' capabilities, and benefit from the intelligent, quick set up of our automated cutter creasers. Duplo’s Slitter Cutter Creaser range is an outstanding all-in-one, multi-finishing solution perfect for the dynamic market and digital print industry. Slit, cut, crease in accuracy, flexibility and creatively whilst reducing finishing bottlenecks, this solution is the answer to all your needs.

What do you want to produce? Duplo DC- range will efficiently, accurately and automatically create a wide variety of business cards, flyers perforated vouchers, invitations and much more.

Everything you could want from a booklet maker; you’ll find within the extensive Duplo range. We provide small, hand-fed desktop machines to fully automated, high-quality production systems that can intelligently sheet feed both collated and uncollated sets, plus pretty much everything in between! Duplo Booklet Makers and Collator Towers are modular by nature allowing you to receive a highly bespoke solution, plus our latest booklet makers are highly intelligent giving you automated precision that is easy to use and does not require complex or specialist skill. We are confident that our range of booklet-makers will meet the individual needs of your business.

What do you want to produce? Duplo Booklet Makers will create high quality books, catalogues, manuals, step booklets and much more.

Raise your printed page up to a whole new level with print embellishment. It heightens the senses and engages whoever receives the printed application by creating a digital emboss, in a way that until recently, was out of the price range of most commercial printers. The easy-to-use Duplo DuSense Sensory Coater, with its compact design, now makes it possible for you to offer a highly premium, profitable digital embellishment service to customers. The Duplo DuSense gives you the capabilities to advance your premium offering in a flexible, practical, and affordable way with its compact size, dynamic nature and automated design you can now achieve first-class finishes that add huge amounts of value to both your customer and the end consumer.

What do you want to produce? With print embellishments add an immediate premium feel and capture the senses for the highest level of engagement on your business cards, flyers, invitations, brochures and much more.

Digital shape cutting is the perfect cost-effective solution for a wide variety of finishing requirements, such as adhesive sheets, specially shaped greeting and business cards, invitations, labels, small packaging, tags and much more. Increase your productivity and profitability by having an in-house multi-function digital cutting solution designed for short run on demand production. Unleash your flexibility with this digital solution by having shape cutting that is dynamic and adaptable to the demands of modern print finishing. You can now have an unmatchable product offering, cut, kiss cut, die cut and crease a variety of paper and card stocks increasing your innovative scope and opportunity to add value to your customer.

What do you want to produce? Digital cutting will enable flexible and innovative production of packaging, unique cards, stickers, labels and much more.

Duplo Rotary Die Cutters offers accurate, short run shape making and provides you with new opportunities as it's both reliable and time efficient. Duplo Rotary Die Cutters are easy and quick to set up, enabling you to produce your first finished and sellable sheet within minutes. Achieve flexible, easy operation, quick die cutting that will affordable and conveniently give your business the innovative power to achieve new capabilities and create new revenue opportunities. Reap the rewards of a whole new customer offering with Duplo’s range of Rotary Die Cutters.

What do you want to produce? Duplo’s Die Cutting solution will produce highly bespoke and tailored shape cutting, from business cards or invitations to boxes and labels this machine can build almost any unique requirement.

Duplo’s EVA and PUR perfect binding solutions are easy to use through automation, and flexibility. Having the options between EVA and PUR binding glues, whilst still catering for everything from table-top to high cycle demands, makes the Duplo range of perfect Binders, including the PFiBIND 2100 PUR Binder, the natural choice. Own a flexible solution that allows you to be more dynamic with your capabilities, benefit from a solution that opens up new opportunities, increases your product offering, plus adds value and excitement to your customers. Duplo’s binding range is the perfect solution for any printer looking for a competitive and innovative solution for their binding.

What do you want to produce? Achieve a highly premium and long-lasting finish to books, brochures, note pads and much more.

Duplo and EFI Fiery integration automates finishing workflows. EFI and Duplo have a time-saving integration between EFI’s Fiery production workflow for digital print machinery and Duplo’s slitter-cutter-creasers, this offering, which eliminates the need for manual data entry and setup of finishing information, allows for efficient, automated imposition layout and production from pre-press through the finishing stages, delivering precise throughput faster and saving up to 70% of setup time. The integration will reduce human setup errors and enable users to quickly verify job designs with a visual preview of finishing lines before printing. The integration connects Duplo’s multi-finishers to EFI’s Fiery Impose software, giving users an automatically generated, accurate preview of slit, cut, and crease locations in their printing jobs.

Take the pain away of folding large volumes of letters or invoices by hand with a Duplo Paper Folding Machine. Your sheets will be speedily and properly folded, ready for quick and easy envelope inserting. Offices and small in-plants such as in banks, universities and churches love these machines, they are compact, flexible and easy to use, user friendliness is at the heart of these folders with features such as easy to use control panel, batch mode, plus a reliable friction feeding they are specially designed to cater to a variety of folding needs. Duplo Paper Folding Machines are an effortless solution to highly efficient and productive folding.

Quickly & reliably gather together into sets, a wide range of different advertising leaflets & brochures within a wraparound cover ready for distribution, using Duplo’s automated direct marketing collation systems. Our affordable solutions enable you to be flexible in your approach to distributing unaddressed mail, both centralised and decentralised, local and national. Our automated direct marketing collation systems have made incredible impacts to postal operators, private distribution companies, mailing and fulfilment houses internationally, by cutting operational costs, reducing man hours, turnaround times, improved staff retention, plus allowed many organisations to meet the high pressure demands of large elections and government tenders. Duplo’s automated direct marketing collation systems allow you to be dynamic in today’s climate for unaddressed mail/door-drop.

Quick, reliable and cost effective, Duplo Duplicators are easy to use, produce high quality prints and have a number of advantages over toner-based and other types of printers. Produce high quality prints quickly while enjoying simple operation on a space-saving duplicator system. The Duplo Digital Duplicator range have full colour touch screen control panels, helping you to get the results you want without undue delay. Increase your efficiency with option to fine tune your output with features such as enlargement/reduction, book shadow eraser and much more. Take advantage of the technology from the best of Duplo's duplicator range, with this perfect solution that’s helping you to print larger volumes on a smaller budget. With Duplo Duplicators range save time, space and operational costs.