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Streamlining Your Printing Workflow with Automated Solutions

In the modern age that we live in, digital printing has taken businesses by storm. The ability to print on demand is something that your business absolutely must invest in to maintain reliable, scalable, cost efficient and competitive. Do your printing demands outweigh the capabilities of the technology you have right now? Is your technology just not cutting it? Or, rather, are you tired of manually overseeing the printing process and inputting data? Then it’s time to make a change. Print workflow automation isn’t as intimidating as you might think.

We at Duplo International have always engineered with the goal of improving automation and efficiency. Today this includes how to streamline your printing workflow with automated and connected solutions.

Why you should consider automation in your business

Before we delve into the specifics of print automation, there are various reasons why you should consider automating many of your business practices in the first place. Automation goes far beyond print management software into automatic follow-up emails for marketing, managing assets, sending task notifications to employees, and an endless remit of once-menial tasks.

It’s reasonable to say, then, that automation is quite the technological marvel. Tasks that might have kept your team busy for hours become manageable in minutes, without much need for human interference. Businesses can benefit from reduced costs, turnaround and improved output quality of their products – which includes their printed media! Increased productivity and efficiency is also a major benefit of business automation, something which the reputable Forbes magazine even comments on. Assuredly, the benefits of automation are widely commented on in the business world, which is fair reason for you to give it a try yourself!

For digital printing specifically, automation bridges the gap between print and digital media, providing your business with the opportunity to create a cohesive, streamlined multi-media campaign that can only benefit your bottom line. Print workflow automation software reduces human error, achieves precision at every point from pre-press to post-press, and ensures your business saves up to 70% of your set-up time. You should be working smarter, not harder, when it comes to the printing needs of your business.

How does print workflow automation work?

Print workflow automation is actually relatively simple to explain! As print workflow refers to the digital optimisation of production and business management tasks related to digital printing, we can look at print workflow automation as something like a chain – every step in the printing process can be linked to another, thus creating a convenient chain of pre-programmed events that keeps your printing processes consistently moving until completion.

This chain, which functions without the need for human input or manual data entry, allows a business to print on demand with speed, efficiency and high-quality. Ideally, this intertwined chain of events should carry you through from pre-press to post-press; as soon as an order for your business arrives or the demands of a marketing project must be met, the print management software that forms the foundation of your print workflow automation will generate streams of data that track the job, and will even yield insights as to the cost of the printing job, and how future jobs could become even more efficient.

Even better, the automation that you implement in your business can be as basic or advanced as you would like. Print workflow automation can be reworked and enhanced until it takes into account predictive algorithms and business rules to automate as much as possible, free of any outside input. Some businesses like to retain a facet of human intervention, which we understand. This is precisely what makes print workflow automation so valuable – it is completely adaptable to your needs and the demands of your business.

At Duplo International, we have partnered with the best automation providers in the business to push printers – to take print productivity to the next level. This technology is vital for businesses in the current market.

Many businesses, across multiple industries, accept the fact that automated workflow is the future; Its an investment in the longevity of your business.

What Duplo International can do for you

When we talk about an investment in workflow and connectivity, we are talking about an investment in working the best way possible. We at Duplo International have always prided ourselves on being cutting-edge automation – clients can expect more than just basic streamlining with our workflow solutions, but complete integration and connectivity that reduces errors, waste, timing and running costs from start-to-finish.

The automation providers we have forged strong partnerships with include the reputable Ultimate TechnoGraphics, EFI Fiery and JDF Console. Each partner provides a specific range of products to meet your automation needs, from the smallest commercial printers to the largest industrial outputs. This includes production printing requirements, which we know can be of quite an impressive scale!

Simply put, we can match you with the print workflow solution that works best to streamline your business practices. Our clients appreciate our ahead-of-the-curve software for good reason, as it will never let your business down. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us

With a skilled team member always on hand to help with the installation of smart print management software, contact Duplo International today.

We work with the top automation software providers, developing highly efficient data management systems, to save your business time and money in all aspects of production printing and more. Assuredly, commercial clients can place their trust in us.

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