Maximize Print Efficiencies with Duplo and Ultimate Tech

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by Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Commercial printers are facing multiple challenges in their different departments. Finishing makes no exception, as the raise of short-run jobs and on demand printing put heavy pressure on the whole production workflow. Every job needs to be finished, but how can printers remain profitable when they need to manually setup three separate machines to cut, crease and perforate?


Finishing automation is key to remove bottlenecks, starting directly at the imposition point. Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Duplo are proud to join their forces to offer an automated solution powered by Ultimate Impostrip® for the Duplo DC Range.


Ultimate Impostrip®  optimizes every aspect of the prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile. Duplo’s Slitter/Cutter/Creasers (DC-746, DC-646 and DC-618) are popular all-in-one digital finishing solutions designed to trim white borders and crease fold lines in documents to eliminate toner cracking in a single pass.


Join the Ultimate and Duplo teams on Thursday, March 25th at 9AM EST/1PM GMT as our experts show you how to work better, smarter and faster with the Ultimate Impostrip® Automated MultiFinisher. During this 60-minute session, attendees will learn to:

  • Remove manual touchpoints in your workflow;
  • Generate Duplo compliant impositions in seconds;
  • Increase accuracy by running consistent setups each time;
  • Reach faster turnaround by reducing setup of make-readies;
  • Free up resources with automation;
  • And much more.

Streamlining your production has never been easier with the Ultimate Impostrip® Automated Multifinisher. If you are a digital printer producing all sorts of cards, flyers and booklets, this webinar is for you! Build a future-proofed print business today to become the player to beat in your market!

Save your spot on this webinar here.

See you there!

*This event has already taken place, on March 25th 2021. Want to catch-up? No worries! Contact us and we will send you the webinar recording.