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Revolutionise Your Workflow with Ultimate Impostrip Pro

Duplo International and Ultimate TechnoGraphics have launched an affordable, easy to use and complete end to end solution that brings postpress automation into prepress across its range of solutions at the end of October 2020.

The benefits for a commercial/Digital printer are clear:

  • Free up resources to allow staff to be more productive throughout the business
  • Delivering Consistent high quality that customers expect
  • Improving production efficiencies and providing a faster turnaround time
  • Preventing errors which in turns reduce waste

The Impostrip Pro software solution enables any member of a team to take an order, drop a single PDF onto a Hotfolder, print and finish within a few clicks of the mouse. Not only is it easy to use, its low cost makes it affordable even for smaller digital print providers.

For a printer, less manual touch points, a streamlined production process, and less errors can save up to £123 per day, more than £2460 per month and over £29,520 per year. The person who creates the job ticket easily and instantly handles job imposition as well as adding the barcode and registration marks for Postpress Automation, thus removing pre-press and post-press bottlenecks.

 ‘Given the changing market conditions, workflow automation is critical if a customer wants to remain competitive. Our software solution enables digital printers to get the most automation out of their investment, allowing them to handle short-run jobs and print on demand cost effectively and quickly, even with level entry finishing solutions such as our DC-618’, says Andy Cuff, Product Specialist Manager at Duplo International. ‘Because the automated process holds all your configured requirements, it also reduces the need of specialist operators on your finishing device; you can therefore deploy your staff based on your requirements throughout your operations and enhancing your adaptability’ he adds. ‘You can even get the imposition done and finishing barcode added remotely, whilst your staff on site simply loads the printed sheet into your Duplo finishing device and let our automated solutions do the rest’.

The Impostrip Pro solution will first be introduced on Duplo Multifinisher Range in October 2020, and will be rolled out across Duplo’s digital packaging solutions, Duplo print embellishment solutions and Duplo bookletmakers by the end of 2020.

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