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Stumbling Blocks in the Production Process

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Boost Printing Efficiency with Automation

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Paper Cutters, Creasers, and Slitters

End-to-End Automated Solutions That Optimise Your Printing Process


No business is complete without the right tools—especially in the printing industry. Without the necessary equipment, you can't produce the high-quality printed material that your customers expect. With the ever-growing market demands, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve and invest in the latest technology.

Duplo International provides integrated and automated printing solutions that enhance workflow efficiencies for printing businesses. Our paper cutters and creasers will shave time off your production process and improve your bottom line.

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Stumbling Blocks in the Production Process

In any printing business, many potential bottlenecks and challenges can arise during production. These can range from simple issues like running out of toner or paper to more complex problems like faulty equipment.

In some cases, bottlenecks can even lead to production stoppages, which can be costly and disruptive.

Lack of workflow coordination

One of the most common issues is a lack of workflow coordination. This can happen when there is a disconnect between the various departments involved in the printing process, such as design, pre-press, and production. Without proper coordination, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is working on the same page, leading to delays and errors.


Backlogs become an issue if printers and staff cannot handle a high volume of work. If print jobs are backed up, it can lead to long turnaround times and unhappy customers.

Backlogs can also happen in the pre-press stage. This is when designs are created or transferred to printing plates. If there are errors in the design or the printing plates are not of high enough quality, it can cause problems downstream in the printing process.

Next, when the machines are working at total capacity to print the job, and any delays can cause a significant impact on the overall production schedule.

Finally, post-press operations such as cutting, binding, and packaging can also cause backlogs if there are issues with the equipment. Errors in the finishing stage can cause delays in shipping or delivery.

Outdated equipment

Outdated equipment can cause bottlenecks in the printing business for a number of reasons.

First, older machines are often not as efficient as newer models, which can lead to delays in production.

Second, outdated equipment may not be compatible with the latest software and file formats.

Finally, older equipment is more likely to break down, resulting in costly downtime.

How to Mitigate Bottlenecks

To stay competitive, printing businesses need to streamline their operations and fine-tune their production process. Here are ways to avoid bottlenecks and ensure that operations run smoothly from start to finish:

You must identify the bottlenecks before knowing what solutions must be implemented. This can be done by observing the print job and looking for areas where the flow of work is being disrupted.

It's also important to understand your printing needs and capabilities well. By knowing the demands of your business, you'll be able to choose suitable printers and supplies. Equipped with accurate information, you can make decisions based on quantifiable, observable data.

If the issue is a backlog, carefully plotting out the number and volume of orders ensures that you meet deadlines and don't overload your system. You can also add more staff or equipment as needed. Make sure to have flexibility in your printing process so you can easily switch to another printer or method if one machine goes down.

At Duplo International, printing businesses often struggle with business efficiencies because their equipment is not automated. Automation opens up a world of possibilities that printing companies are missing out on because they lack state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Duplo International provides integrated and automated printing solutions that enhance workflow efficiencies for printing businesses.

Boost Printing Efficiency with Automation

Time is money, and delays will negatively impact your business’ bottom line and reputation. Businesses can’t afford to have bottlenecks in their printing process. In the past, those bottlenecks were often caused by the technology itself.

In this day and age, technology is no longer the problem. The printing industry has undergone a significant transformation thanks to innovations like automation and integrated printing systems. There is no reason why you should have to put up with slow or poor-quality prints.

The latest printers are designed to quickly and efficiently handle large volumes of prints rapidly and efficiently, so there is no excuse why your print job should take longer than necessary. In addition, today's printers are equipped with various features that make them user-friendly, cost-efficient, and automated.

Here at Duplo International, we provide seamless end-to-end workflow integration and connectivity to boost productivity and efficiency in printing businesses.

Our Workflow Automation and Connectivity Partners

A good printing automation system can help speed up printing by automatically selecting the correct printer and settings for each job. It can also help reduce paper waste by automatically choosing the most efficient print layout. And if your business has multiple printers, an integrated printing system can help streamline the process by allowing you to manage all of your printers from a single interface.

Duplo has partnered with leading automation software companies and created data management systems to increase printing efficiency from pre-press to post-press. By automating tasks such as job setup, print queue management, and print quality control, businesses can reduce the need for manual intervention and free up staff time for other tasks.

Learn more about our partners.

Ultimate Impostrip

Make complex impositions to resolve bottlenecks due to short runs. Ultimate Impostrip is easy to use yet extremely versatile and allows the print provider to handle pre-press and post-press automation to achieve greater efficiency.

Efi Fiery Command Workstation and Impose

The Efi Fiery Impose has a visual and intuitive interface ideal for medium to high-volume digital printers.

 JDF Console

The Duplo Range receives finishing instructions directly from the job ticket created in the upstream workflow using job definition format (JDF).

Paper Cutters, Creasers, and Slitters

Printing businesses often have separate cutting and creasing machines, which slows the printing process even more. Duplo’s machines can achieve four finishing processes in one pass to save you time and money and reduce errors. The Duplo DC range offers the following benefits:

  • All-in-one, multi-finishing paper little, cutter, and creaser
  • Smart, user-friendly, and quick setup
  • Accuracy, flexibility, and creativity
  • Expanded business’ capabilities
  • Reduced bottlenecks
  • Creation of various printed materials, such as business cards, flyers, perforated vouchers, invitations, and more

Check out our product categories for more information about our DC range.

Duplo DC-20K B2 Cutter Creaser System

The DC-20K System includes a large format feeder and a cutter that can feed a B2 printed sheet directly into our existing high-production DC-746. Features and benefits include:

  • Allows the use of more efficient and cost-effective presses and reduces production costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Allows a wider range of applications possible and more efficient use of press
  • Saves time and costs by removing the need to guillotine

Duplo DC-446 Cutter Creaser

The DC-446 cutter creaser is fully automated and programmable, ideal for short-run digital colour markets. Features and benefits include:

  • Reliable feeding
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • High productivity

Duplo DC-516 Cutter Creaser

DC-516 can handle many jobs simultaneously without compromising efficiency, consistency, and quality. It can take on labour-intensive finishing tasks at high volumes. Features and benefits include:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Consistent quality production
  • Faster and longer runs

Duplo DC-618 Cutter Creaser

The DC-618 is a new and improved version of the DC-616. It can process up to 6 slits, 30 cuts, and 20 creases in one pass. Full-bleed applications are executed up to 23 sheets per minute flawlessly. Features and benefits include:

  • Automatic set up
  • User-friendly PC controller
  • Unattended running
  • EFI XML integration

Duplo DC-646 Cutter Creaser

The DC-646 is robust and heavy-duty, able to withstand the typical daily printing of mid to high-volume digital printers. Features and benefits include:

  • Automatic set up
  • Automated job change-over
  • User-friendly PC controller
  • Time-saving
  • Automated precision
  • EFI XML integration

Duplo DC-648 Cutter Creaser

The DC-648 sets up and manages jobs without operator intervention. The pre-press stage is implemented the first time correctly, reducing errors and waste for better sustainability. Features and benefits include:

  • Automation to deliver dynamic, lean operation
  • Ease of use reduces dependency on key personnel
  • Multiple options to increase versatility
  • Workflow connectivity for increased accuracy and reduced waste
  • Engineered for productivity

Duplo DC-746 Cutter Creaser

DC-746 is a highly versatile system with an array of cutting, creasing, and perforating options delivered with speed and precision. Features and benefits include:

  • Automatic set up
  • User-friendly PC controller
  • Optional modules for greater versatility
  • EFI XML integration

 End-to-End Automated Solutions To Optimise Your Printing Process

Manual, inefficient printing is a thing of the past. At Duplo International, we have an advanced product line of printing equipment and integrated print management software that helps businesses take their production process to the next level. Our high-tech cutters and creasers make it easy to produce top-quality collaterals.

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