DUPLO AND ITS PEOPLE: Technical Specialist for Esper


My Duplo Journey From Apprentice to Service Engineer/Technical Specialist

Ryan Levitt’s journey with Duplo began in 2011, age just 17, when he came to Duplo for a few weeks work experience through his college course and enjoyed his placement so much, he applied for a job !! He swiftly joined Duplo’s successful apprenticeship scheme and carried on his engineering studies through day release to Kingston college. He started in the workshop team, handling the Pre Delivery inspections for Duplo UK and refurbing of trade in products. He then took the step out onto the road with the UK Service team, supporting UK Customers and their businesses to keep running and then two years ago, took up his current role in the Technical team as a Technical Specialist for the Esper range. 

What attracted you to the role at Duplo? 

I enjoyed the hands on work, and with the company doing so many different machines, each day & week was different.  

How was your training apprenticeship structured? 

  • It was a 3 apprenticeship, which started on small products and being supported by a mentor, mixed in with technical training to help learn the products. The first products that I worked on were the staples laminators, Comb binders & Wire binders, which were all third party products and then I progressed to the DC645 and 745.

What attracted you to the Service Engineer Role?

  • I liked the interaction with customers and each day being different and in a different location. 

What attracted you to the Technical Specialist role?

I enjoy working with people and helping to communicate my knowledge through training, as well as being involved in machine development.

From being in the workshop for over 6 years, and field service for 1 year it seemed that natural progression path. 

Describe a day/week in the life of a Technical Specialist? 

My day is made up of answering Technical enquiries logged by customers on the Helpdesk, as well as providing training to engineers on all Duplo products and keeping products upgraded and up to date and reporting back to the manufacturer with any issues that arise, to support continuous improvements.

Within my role, I work with lots of different departments within the business on a day to day basis and also get to travel, when additional support is requested or required, such as if a large installation is taking place or there are on-going issues that need hands-on support.

What training do you receive to make you a specialist/engineer? How does it work? 

After being in the company for over 8 years, I’ve worked on most machines. Being in technical means I have to learn everything about my selected machines. I get support from the whole Technical team.

Which products within the Duplo range do you cover?

I cover DuSense & DM (Direct Marketing).

How much have you changed as a professional and personally since joining Duplo? 

I joined fresh out of college with very little knowledge of the print industry. After being here for over 8 years I have gained a vast knowledge in finishing & print.

What’s the best piece of advice that you would give to a young school leaver looking for an apprenticeship? 

The pay of an apprenticeship is lower than other jobs, but they are a fantastic stepping stone to working your way up through a company. Start at the bottom and work up!


Three words to best describe you. 

Confident, Hard working & friendly

What’s your favourite Band/Music/Genre ? 

I like most types of music, just not screaming death metal!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take ? 

My family, rum & a boat.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why ? 

Spain, Because the weather is great all year round and who doesn’t love a proper summer?!