12 Reasons Why Sensory Connection in Marketing Drives Effectiveness

12 reasons why the sensory connection of your marketing messages drive greater effectiveness

Print has gone beyond colour. By nature, print has always been tactile but by introducing texture and special finishing, it has become emotive, providing a sensory conduit that allows a brand to deeply connect with its customers.

As well as thinking in terms of creative concept, think about the experience you want to provide on paper, we have the power to build a sensory experience that is beautiful, unique, engaging and a hard-working communication piece.

Our senses are more powerful than we think…

More than half the brain is devoted to processing sensory experience, most of that sensory receptivity focuses on touch (1)

People value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see (2)

The addition of touch (texture) to traditional print translates into a 24 % increase in value (3)

38% of respondents say that the physical properties of mail influence how they feel about the sender. (2)

‘Society is craving tactile interactions, making us even more receptive to the most creative paper-based packaging design and print marketing’

The power of touch massively influences our purchase decisions…

71% of consumers say print/paper quality impacts their decision to open and read direct mail (4)

70% said that print gives them a better impression of the organisation (up from 55% in 2013) (2)

87% of people consider mail more believable, only 48% consider email believable. (5)

It’s not just print promotion, how your packaging appeals to the senses also has massive impact…

Almost a third of product purchases and based on packaging (6)

66% of consumers said they tried a new product because of the packaging (6)

According to research packaging drives purchase more than other forms of advertising (6)

‘When printed and digital platforms are used together in an integrated manner, the outcome is a consistent and strong brand experience for the end recipient that delivers results’

Print is positively impacting your ROI…

When mail is included in the marketing mix, campaigns have 12% larger ROI than those without mail (5)

Mail has the physical power to drive a digital response from 70% of customers. (5)
In a climate where consumer irritation levels around digital advertising and the use of adblockers are rising at alarming rates, can print prove most valuable?

Everyone is digital, we can actually see that brands are going the opposite way. Do messages stand out by being on print?

If the tactile experience is so critical to the performance of marketing, should we be focusing more resources to triggering multiple senses?

So, whilst we are all up to date with the latest digital platforms and technologies, maybe the time has come to re-discover how you could use the latest print technology such as sensory coating to make your campaign stand out and deliver stronger results.

Feeling is believing, there is no better way to connect with your market than through all 5 senses. Learn more about excelling your marketing impact by contacting us.

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