PFI Blade B3+: Generating Revenue During the Pandemic

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Looking for a way to increase innovation and develop into new business opportunities Origos, a digital printer in Finland already using a range of Duplo equipment including DuSense, DC-646 IFS, Ultra Bind 600 and iSaddle, have decided to recently invest in Duplo’s latest flatbed cutter, the PFi Blade B3+.

Managing Director, Sami Nevalainen, shared why he chose the PFi Blade B3+ over other flatbed cutters…

“We did quite comprehensive testing with few other options as well containing automatic sheet feeding. Some even with the exact same body as in PFi Blade. The body of the PFi Blade was more sturdy than some other models had and the tool set especially the creasing wheel did prove to do its job quite nicely. The software did meet our demands on terms of workflow optimisation and automation along with room for future development.

Origos experienced hassle-free learning and minimal teething in with this system, in no small part due to the software – using a widely used and accepted in the industry package, which packs a lot of features and incorporates many best practices that can usually take time but thanks to the software package are made quick and easy.

 What type of work do you plan on doing on the machine?

“Right away we shifted sticker kiss cutting to PFi Blade from a smaller figure processor since the cutting program workflow is a lot less resource-consuming with PFi. Our goal is to be able to offer small run package production when a personalised event-specific giveaway package demand is the case for example. Also, many innovative ideas can be now done to lift the concreteness of a print product making it more than just a printed message.” (Mikko Salo, Production Manager)

Origos are excited about the potential with this new machine…. “the old die-cutting machines that are time-consuming to set up, if we have like hundred or less pieces of a product that was usually done with cylinder machine we now have an option to skip the set up and let the PFi to deal with the job.”

Origos pfi blade

Lastly, we asked, was this an easy decision to make taking into account the current pandemic?

“Eventually, yes but it took a while to play with priorities. Having a mindset to push forward instead of waiting was backing up the idea to proceed with development projects which did include PFi Blade as well.”

The PFi Blade presented Sami and the Origos team, with the opportunity to develop into new solutions and give their business capabilities to explore avenues that generate them new revenue in a time where many businesses have struggled.

If you want to rejuvenate your business, like Origos and over 100 others across Europe, have done, talk to us today.