Bruno Piquet

Get to know Bruno Picquet, our new CEO and Chairman

From the 1st of January 2021 Bruno Picquet officially started his new position as CEO and Chairman of Duplo International.

Bruno joined Duplo International in late 2010 as Business Development Director and has since gained experience across several departments within Duplo, including Marketing, Export Sales, General Management and Duplo France, to his most late assignment as Export Sales Director.

Before joining Duplo International, Bruno worked for Coca-Cola Enterprises for 20 years in different sales, Marketing, and Technical functions working his way from first level Management to Director level.

“I love Duplo as a multicultural Company mainly because of its values, I can find myself through Passion, Positivity, Respect, Ambition, Support and Focus!” - Bruno Picquet, December 2020

Anything successful starts with beliefs.

Bruno is extremely passionate about Duplo’s strong values, which are something Bruno will carry throughout his leadership.

Bruno shared his vision with us, he says “my vision for Duplo International is quite simple, and summarises beautifully as…

To enable the world to add value to printed communication through automated precision, as Darwin said in the theory of evolution; it is not the most clever or strong who will survive BUT the ones who can adapt.

For our business it is the same, we need to understand the market, listen to our customers and make sure that we can adapt our technology to their needs. We need make sure we are always adding value to their business, this will make us an extremely valuable partner now and into the future.”

Bruno’s mission is to develop new technologies which are innovative, reliable and add value to every end customer.

“The key to our success is people, who are our most valuable and important resource” says Duplo International’s new CEO. Putting people at the centre of the organisation will see Bruno prioritise staff training, particularly in Sales, Technical and Marketing to make sure that they can grow and continuously enhance their skills to be the best they can be.

“I have created the concept of One Duplo: Working together as one company towards our Corporate Mission and it is working! This is more than a concept this is a philosophy of life; we will achieve more together than on our own 1+1 is not 2 but 3! I want to make sure that Duplo International and Duplo Corporation are working even closer together by communicating even better, respecting each other and sharing best practices! This is the path to happiness!”

To finalise his mission Bruno says he’ll also prioritise happiness; “I want to be happy in my family and in my job, happiness is a result of hard work, passion, determination and achievement. The right balance between family and job is really important to reach happiness; happy people live longer and mainly, are inspiring to others.”

Based in Brussels, Bruno is married, and has 3 daughters. Bruno prides himself for living in the shadow of the EU Headquarter, the most central European country, and relishes in being able to take advantage of the fantastic transportation facilities on his doorstep.

Enthusiastic about travel and meeting new cultures Bruno speaks French, Dutch, English and Spanish, plus describes meeting international colleagues and customers as his perfect opportunity to share ideas and engage people on projects that will grow our company. Bruno also revealed his other passions for Golf and Cooking.

Everyone at Duplo is excited to see what this next chapter brings for the organisation. We all look forward to working alongside Bruno’s passion, ambition and positivity to see where it takes Duplo’s products, successes, but also people.

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