Adapting to Maintain Customer Experience During Lockdown

intelligence is the ability to change

Duplo has always been all about the people, from staff to distributors to customers. Simply put, we are passionate about helping print businesses operate better.

So when the Coronavirus pandemic hit us, we had to re-think our model. How were we going to provide the same level of support and customer experience whilst in complete lockdown across the whole EMEAR?

Read on to learn some of the things we have done to adapt to a new world.

Virtual demos

We have made product demonstrations viewable from anywhere, any time. With travel restrictions and social distancing in place we needed to provide a solution for our distributors and customers to receive demos of our newest products without having to travel to the Duplo showroom. So, over the last few months we have launched Virtual Demo’s streaming our product demos from the Duplo UK showroom directly to our customers and distributors, not just across the UK but across Europe and the Middle East, for them to watch from the safety of their own homes.

Remote training

Duplo have a responsibility during the pandemic to do all they can to support printers to remain running as much as they possibly can throughout the lockdown and beyond (as long as these restrictions remain). With our new digital infrastructure, and our UK based showroom, that sits in the centre of the Duplo head office we are able to remain training. Video conferencing, webinars and our first ever virtual event allowed the Duplo network to remain connected and supported in a critical time for many businesses.

 UK-bases spare parts

We have 100,000 spare parts stored at the Duplo head office in Addlestone, UK. Meaning we have the resources at our fingertips ready for when our customers need, no shipping delays or no long waits for manufacturing. Our UK based stock of spare parts has been a key part of Duplo retaining its high level of service with little to no disruption.

Our local technical support team and field engineers.

Our field engineers and technical support teams work in the UK available by simply picking up the phone for telephone support and onsite service calls. A 20 strong team being based in the UK means they have not been restricted by overseas travel limitations, they are based directly in the market and have decades of experience in helping printers/customers first-hand, every day. Throughtout the whole pandemic Duplo UK has been online supporting our customer base via telephone and onsite, servicing equipment and performing installations.  We’ve even had equipment despatched and installed within 24 hours to help with peak workload of NHS applications in some of our customers in London. 

At Duplo we believe that the industry was already evolving to be where it is now, Covid-19 has just accelerated the speed of change.

We have embraced the change and continued to innovate, continuously adapting our methods to maintain that level of support that Duplo is benchmark for.