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Badge4U start the badge revolution with the DuSense

Almost 30 years ago Badge4U began creating gadgets and accessories, as well as occasionally creating badges, today, Badge4U produces more than 25 million of these small items annually from a catalogue of 30 different products, with badges currently about 60% of the company's production. Over the years they have introduced several other products, now with a catalog of 30 different products; each year Badge4U also offers clients 4-5 interesting new products that win the market not only in the country but also abroad.

"It turned out that my idea many years ago in Stockholm at the fair, for a company that will produce badges was a hit. The first order for 40,000 badges was for me a dream come true. Under this order, I bought the first machine. At present, our company can produce such quantities in one day. Our dreams do not only came true, but they also evolve, based on our enthusiasm and openness to the world and people" Wojciech Paw?owski

Badge4U currently has three digital printing machines and a hardware park for the production of the millions of gadgets. Recently, Duplo DuSense has joined this fleet of machines.

"We strive to make our products stand out more. Every year we visit many industry events around the world. Last year, we presented at 23 trade fairs where we were with our own stand. At these events, mainly in China, we were also looking for inspiration for our next projects. During one of these visits we liked the badges with embossing, we tried to replicate this using different techniques including applying the varnish with a screen printing that would give such an effect. Due to the volumes, starting from around 100 pieces, this would be unprofitable. Gravure printing did not give the expected effect, and then we learned about the DuSense machine that Duplo offer..."

Duplo Poland needed to offer a raised finish badge that not only looked good and offered a premium finish but was also durable enough for the market. Production speed and capacity of the standard badge production needed to be maintained in order to meet deadlines, the solution was simply to add an extra process. Finally, the start-up and running costs needed to be low enough that the final product price was not changed drastically enough to deviate from customer expectations.

Duplo Poland managed to ensure that the DuSense hit all of these requirements… The DuSense was a hit immediately!

"Thanks to the DuSense, we could realise the product we wanted – on a badge or a premium magnet. These types of products are currently not offered by anyone in Europe. Our new badge and magnets and the 3D effect we get to attract the attention of the recipient and look exclusive”

The DuSense has since opened doors for the company, and began their “Badge Revolution”. The Badge4U marketing campaign exists to change the perception of a simple badge in the market. Combined with metallised colors and a new clasp, the tactile 3d effect of the DuSense means they have moved forward from their simple badge.

"This is a real revolution because there are no producers who offer such products in the market, so we hope to become a pioneer in this field as well. Any company that follows our ideas will be a step behind us."

The aspirations of Badge4U to become the number one advertising gift, badge and merchandise company in Europe are now close to a reality; they are already an industry leader, and their constant evaluation of the latest technologies means they’re one step close to their goal.

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