workflow automation for multi finishers

Be More Competitive with Duplo Multi-finishers

In today’s climate it is vital that a printer optimises every aspect of their process. Ultimate Impostrip® workflow is an easy-to-use yet extremely versatile solution that can drive multiple presses and finishers giving printers the fully automated end-to-end solution that will optimise your operations.

Connected with Duplo’s DC-746, DC-646 and DC-618 Slitter, Cutter, Creasers, achieve a versatile all-in-one digital finishing solution designed to achieve four finishing processes in just one single pass. Save money, save time, expand your business' capabilities, and benefit from the intelligent, quick set up of automated cutter creasers.

This solution positively impacts printers’ quality and efficiency, presenting huge opportunity for growth and profitability.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Duplo are highlighting why the new Ultimate Impostrip® Automated MultiFinisher transforms print businesses. Read on to learn more, or watch our latest webinar; Maximize Print Production Efficiencies by request here.













Why Choose Finishing Automation with Ultimate Impostrip® + Duplo DC Range?


  • Remove the need for experience; any operator, even a new hire, can operate the slitter/cutter/creaser.
  • Training becomes easy. New operators are up and running on their own in very little time.
  • If the operator cannot work, anyone can take their place for the day.


  • Setting up the Duplo slitter/cutter/creaser takes only a few seconds!


  • 100% accurate with Duplo certified impositions and barcodes powered by Ultimate Impostrip®.
  • No reruns, and no down time due to reruns.
  • Production goes as planned.
  • No paper or ink waste. More money in pockets!
  • High customer satisfaction as the jobs are well done and delivered on time.

‘‘Workflow automation is the only way to react adequately to the increasingly difficult market conditions. With Same Day, Next Day deliveries and customer expectations at Amazon level, there is no longer any freedom to have data processed individually by employees.’’ Ultimate Impostrip® customer: One of the largest commercial printer in Germany.

Collaboratively, with this solution Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Duplo are enabling customers to have an easy solution, intuitive user interface and end-to-end automation that will help them grow. Contact us to find out more.

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