Create Your Own DUPLO Christmas Bauble | Duplo International

How we created our DUPLO Christmas Bauble and how you can make yours

The festive season is upon us. Lights are sparkling around the office, tinsel decorates our windowsills and our Secret Santa has been drawn. But this year, there is something extra special about our tree decorations – The Duplo Bauble. Delicately popped from our seasonal card, the baubles hang decoratively around the office, but what makes these so special? Below are the 4 steps which went into creating this unique bauble:

Firstly, the baubles are printed within our festive cards using a special Xerox metallic gold ink.
Before the magic begins, the baubles themselves are then seamlessly shape cut using the PFI DI-CUT 300.
To heighten the senses of the receiver, we embellished the baubles with a digital spot UV layer using the DuSense Sensory Coater. DuSensed at a level of 40 Micron across the whole sheet, the card and baubles reached a whole new level.
With the DuSense layer in place, we now began to cut the cards on our DC-646i PRO to trim the bleed, crease the cards and create the perfect finish.
Check out our video of the card and see the DuSense sensory coating up close! If you receive a Duplo seasonal card, pop out the circles, slide them together using the slots and hang on your tree so you can admire the detail of the DuSense Sensory Coater.

Duplo wishes you, a magical holiday season and a very happy new year.