Cut, Perf and Crease in New Dimensions

Cut, Perf, and Crease in New Dimensions

Duplo UK is bringing a powerful and versatile new multifinishing device to the print market, the Multigraf Touchline CPC375.

As the long-term UK distributor for Multigraf products, Duplo has been able to grow a considerable customer base of confirmed admirers of the Swiss-made Touchline technology. Both that existing customer base and new prospects will be excited by the versatility of the CPC375, which extends the Touchline family.

Its principal functions are length and cross cutting, cross creasing up and down, and both timed and continuous perforation in either length or cross directions. For lengthways perforation, it can be equipped with up to four perforating heads. Due to its dual tool module mount and a cross knife in conjunction with lateral rotating longitudinal knives, the CPC375 can perforate, cut and crease in a single operation.

Such versatility means that applications such as vouchers, coupons, tickets and reply cards can be produced extremely quickly, with great finishing quality and in short or longer runs.

Demonstrating its power, the Touchline CPC375 is capable of cutting and creasing paper weights from 80 to 400 gsm, and perforating materials up to 300 gsm. A vacuum conveyor enables sheets to be fed from the new high capacity Mistral Feeder (a universal stacking feeder), or inline from a printing system. Maximum sheet size is 370 x 1200 mm.

Additional features include a patented unit for quick and easy tool changeovers. Tools are detected electronically, the working depth is selected on the touch screen monitor and the system then adjusts automatically for the job. Up to three additional tools can be stored in the tool magazine.

Peter Jolly, Duplo UK Managing Director, said: “The Multigraf Touchline systems have an enviable reputation in the UK market and the CPC375 is sure to add to that. We’re committed to supplying our customers with the best finishing technology that is smarter, faster and better. In the Touchline CPC375 they will find a powerful multifinisher that extends their post-press capabilities in new and profitable ways.”

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