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Duplo Adds Cost Competitive DP-A100 II Duprinter

Duplo International has enhanced its portfolio with the launch of a high speed, compact, low cost per copy, entry-level Duprinter.

“The DP-A100 II is the perfect addition to any office environment,” said Marine Kerivel-Brown, Duplo's International Marketing Manager. “It comes with all the features of a larger machine and utilises technology from the best of Duplo’s duplicator range, including a three-wheel feed system and accurate stacking trays.”

The DP-A100 II produces high quality prints with its 300 x 360 dpi print resolution and two image modes, perfect for printing a range of applications such as newsletters, classroom handouts or letterheads. It runs at speeds of up to 130 prints per minute and has a feeding and stacking capacity of 500 sheets.

The small-footprinted user-friendly DP-A100 II offers adjustments such as reduction and enlargement, image mode and speed all conveniently located on the control panel. A variety of coloured inks are available for spot colour as is a Pantone colour service for specific colours.

It has a low environmental impact using just 11.7 watts of power on standby perfect for reducing running costs and carbon footprint. It produces no ozone or emissions during operation.

Kerivel-Brown added: “Like all duprinters, the DP-A100 II operates on an economies of scale principle making running costs extremely low, as the print quantity increases, the cost-per-copy rapidly decreases. This is a perfect solution for businesses wishing to print large volumes on a small budget.”