DUPLO AND ITS PEOPLE: From Apprentice to Regional Service Manager

DUPLO AND ITS PEOPLE: From Apprentice to Regional Service Manager

Back in 2003, a twenty year old, Reshad Rajack signed up to an Apprenticeship Database looking for an opportunity to start his career in engineering. A call from Duplo’s HR team helped to put him on his chosen career path and combined his interest in mechanics and electrics. Sixteen years later, he is now managing a team of eight.

Reshad is a shining example of Duplo’s successful recruitment via the apprenticeship scheme.

Having completed his three year apprenticeship in engineering, supported with weekly day release to Kingston College, he was recruited into the UK Service team and spent ten years as a Service engineer out of the road. Each is different, but he was able to apply his passion for finding and fixing faults of machines, that he’d enjoyed so much, whilst working in the workshop.

Three years ago, he took on the responsibility of Regional Service Manager for the South of England.

What attracted you to the Regional Service Manager role?

I became good at managing myself and my work load and wanted the challenge of managing other people and more work. I gave technical support to the apprentices while working in the workshop and wanted to transfer this skill to giving technical support to the Engineers in the field.

Describe a day/week in the life of a Regional Service Manager ?

Each day is very different to the next and varies from handling urgent calls to machine breakdowns, the installation of new equipment on-site, general servicing, combined with managing technical support for my team of eight engineers, who I manage via email, phone and on site.

I’m also responsible for managing the calls that are logged and distributing these to the team in the most efficient way. A large part of my role is customer relations and ensuring that unhappy customers are handled with care and turned back into happy customers. I’m in constant contact with Sue and Chloe in the office, arranging installations of new orders. As well as corresponding with Technical team, on Helpdesk issues and engineer training. I’m also in contact with third party suppliers, such as Multigraf, Rigo, Challenge with any issues that arise on their machines.

Traffic is the biggest enemy of a Service Engineer !! Although each day varies, one day I could be a 30 minute drive down the road to a customer, other times it’s a 2 ½ hour journey just going the 15 miles into Central London. My worse ever drive was 5 hours, going 10 miles into Central London !!

What training do you receive to make you a specialist/engineer? How does it work?

I have built my knowledge up over the last 15 years, through stripping down machines, on site learning and technical training courses at the Head Office. I work on everything that has a Duplo badge and do not just cover the current range, but also machines that were made as far back as the 90’s. During my apprenticeship I worked on the DC-48 and the DC-10000 Collators. So my knowledge base is pretty broad.

How much have you changed as a professional and personally since joining Duplo?

I’ve gained engineering skills and technical knowledge during my Duplo career, as well people skills.

I continue to grow each day and being out in the field, working solo, means that when I turn up to a customer I have to be professional, confident and shine as a Duplo ambassador.

What’s the best piece of advice that you would give to a young school leaver looking for an apprentice?

I would say to any Technical Apprentice: Put in the time, put in the effort. Be persistent.

Let your work / high work level do the talking. Always work towards achieving the following:

‘Don’t be the person that goes to other people for technical help, be the person who other people come to for technical help’. ??

Fun Facts:

Three words to best describe you?

Never. Gives. Up.

What’s your favourite Band/Music/Genre?

Anything that I can dance to.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take?

A phone, a Dominos menu and some cash.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’m happy exactly where I am.

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