Duplo and motor sports: Engineering for optimal performance

Duplo and motor sports: Engineering for optimal performance

It’s time for the next race, on the 1st of June in Belgium, Robin Greenhalgh (Duplo’s Chairman & CEO) will be racing on the Zolder circuit.

So, what does racing have to do with print finishing?

Engineering and Teamwork are key to success in both motoring and print.

Racing is not only about getting the best time lap, it’s also about all the mechanical preparation combined with teamwork displayed in that one race. Equipping the driver with the machine that will achieve him excellent results. It’s up to the driver and the designer to use the machine to its maximum potential.


is key for success in both racing and print finishing. For the best performance it needs to be ensured that the machines drive as precisely as possible. How fast can you break? When do you turn? When should you accelerate? To cut, turn, increase your speed as precisely as possible all these things must align.


is ultimately what gives you the best time lap. It’s what racing thrives on and it’s something everyone looks for in their machines regardless of industry. Everyone likes to see machines go fast, it gives us a rush of adrenaline and satisfaction. Duplo machines aim to achieve the best quality results in the least time possible, but this can’t happen if we only focus on speed. If that would be the case, machines would crash and burn.


is about matching our precision and speed to achieve the best results. The drivers that can use their machines as fast and as precisely as possible are the ones that will come out on top. This is one of Duplo’s machines outstanding characteristics, being able to match speed and precision to achieve maximum potential, making sure the jobs are perfectly finished in no time. But how consistently can a machine achieve peak performance in precision, speed and efficiency?


is the name of the game for Duplo when talking about trying to reach optimal consistency. In racing, consistency is hard to achieve if you think about it. What makes a racing team great is not only their teamwork, precision, speed and efficiency but also how consistently they can use them together to be the best during the length of their career. Duplo machines ensure consistency due to their automation systems.

By constantly innovating our automation systems, our machines can keep reaching peak precision, speed, efficiency and consistency, in a way that other print finishers can only dream of achieving.

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